FW drive disappears in OSX but can see it in OS9

Discussion in 'Apple' started by d49ot, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. d49ot

    d49ot Guest

    I have an external firewire drive attached to my eMac running OS
    10.2.6. Tonight I had a very odd crash of Safari, which I was able to
    correct by repairing permission. However, the FW drive was suddenly
    unmounted and I can't get it back in OSX. Disk Utility says there's no
    recognizable volume and asks if I want to initialize. Disk First Aid
    reports an error with the "key length" and claims to repair the damage,
    but it doesn't.
    I've tried unplugging and shutting down the FW drive and firing it
    up again. No change. I've tried it on my iBook in OSX with the same
    I then tried booting the eMac in OS9 and the FW drive mounted. I
    can access the files on it and was able to offload some essential ones
    to a CD. However, Disk First Aid in 9 reports the same "key lengyth"
    problem and says it can't repair.
    I have Norton Utilities that I used successfully in OS9 for a long
    time and Disk Warrior 3 for use with OSX, which I have not yet used. I
    also have DW 2, which I believe could be used in OS9.
    My question -- why does the drive mount in OS9 but not in OSX?
    Which repair program would be best to use in this situation -- NU or DW2
    in OS9 or DW3 in OSX?
    Thanks for any help.
    d49ot, Feb 15, 2004
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  2. d49ot

    d49ot Guest

    Adding to my own post: I discovered that the old standby - deleting
    the desktop in OS9 - fixed the FW drive so that it now mounts in OSX as
    well as OS9.
    I'm still trying to figure out what happened here. This appears to
    have been a problem with the bootable OS9 System I have on the FW drive.
    Why would a crash in Safari in OSX on the eMac trash the OS9 system file
    on the external drive? (Only Safari crashed and I didn't even have to
    use Force Quit -- everything else kept on ticking.)
    The FW drive is for backing up files and apps. I put the OS9 System
    on it mainly by default. It was quick and easy because I was able to do
    a straight copy from the eMac, which cannot be done with OSX.
    I've been meaning to use Carbon Copy Cloner to install a bootable
    OSX System on the drive, but I've never used CCC and I was waiting until
    I had a bit more time on my hands to figure out how to do this. I
    suppose I should probably do it soon -- but I wonder if I would just
    have ended up with a trashed OSX system on the FW drive.
    d49ot, Feb 15, 2004
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  3. d49ot

    d49ot Guest

    Okay, I'll give it a try right away. I discovered last night that,
    although I can now see the FW drive and access its files from OSX, the
    drive does appear to be damaged. I ran Norton Utilities in OS9 and it
    reported serious problems it could not fix.
    I presume it would be wise for me to run Disk Warrior before
    installing OSX on the drive using CCC -- or should I do it after cloning
    I'm still puzzled how this happened.
    d49ot, Feb 15, 2004
  4. Give DW 3 a try.

    Cathy Stevenson, Feb 15, 2004
  5. d49ot

    d49ot Guest

    Yes, I've decided I will give that try. I did try NU in OS9 and it
    reported damage that it couldn't repair. However, the drive is currently
    visible on the OSX desktop and I can access the files on it. I've backed
    up everything essential to CDs just in case it's living on borrowed
    Do I need to boot from the DW disk or (since the repair is going to
    be done on the external drive) can I just use it from the CD while
    booted from the eMac hard drive?
    d49ot, Feb 16, 2004
  6. d49ot

    d49ot Guest

    How do I test the drive to make sure it's not a hardware failure?
    Does DW do this?
    I'm particularly interested in this since it's still under warranty.
    d49ot, Feb 16, 2004
  7. d49ot

    d49ot Guest

    Thanks for this information. I have Tech Tools so I'll give that a
    try. I presume that I wouldn't use Disk Utility unless and until I
    actually intend to reformat the drive? Or does it provide the
    information you mentioned ahead of time and allow you to stop before
    doing the formatting?
    d49ot, Feb 17, 2004
  8. d49ot

    d49ot Guest

    Subrosasoft makes a SMART utility which will "talk" to the hard drive
    electronics to determine if is detecting hardware malfunctions (just
    download the demo). Various hard drive utilities such as TechTool,
    Norton Utilities, and Intec Speed Tools will run read/write checks and
    search for "bad blocks," all of which will give you clues about whether
    the drive is failing.[/QUOTE]

    I have the version of Tech Tool Deluxe that came with AppleCare. I
    tried booting it to see what it would tell me about the FW drive. It
    didn't even recognize the FW under the volume drop-down menu -- although
    it is mounted on the desktop and I can access everything on it.
    I then tried booting the copy of TTD on the firewire drive itself
    and it still didn't recognize the existence of the drive.
    Is this a limitation of Tech Tool Deluxe, as opposed to the full
    version? Or is it a further indication that there's something wrong with
    the FW drive? I'm not sure whether the Tech Tool Deluxe CD is bootable,
    but I'll try that next.
    d49ot, Feb 17, 2004
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