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FX5950 can`t use 85Hz monitor refresh rate why ???

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by The Kestrel, May 10, 2004.

  1. The Kestrel

    The Kestrel Guest

    Hi all

    i have two pc`s both are exactly the same spec apart from :- pc A has an
    iiyama vision master 404 crt monitor and a BFG Asylum geforce FX5950 256mb
    ram graphics card and pc B has an iiyama visionmaster pro451 crt monitor and
    a gainward geforce FX5950 ultra/1800xp 256mb ram,the motherboards are
    gigabyte GA-7VAXP`s and cpu`s are athlon xp3000+,the problem is that the
    highest screen refresh rate on both pc`s that i can select is 75Hz and i am
    getting constant eye strain due too screen flicker,i know that my monitors
    can run at well above 100Hz and my graphics cards can run above 200Hz,so i
    would like to know if anyone knows a solution to the problem ? my old
    graphics cards work fine and i can select refresh rates up to 150Hz so
    where`s the problem ??? i have also tried the latest monitor driver(well
    ..inf file) and this has no effect and i`ve tried using the windows "plug and
    play monitor" which has no effect,oh forgot to say i am using windows ME
    which i have totally re-installed to see if this was the problem and it had
    no effect,i have actually managed to get pc A running at 85Hz just by
    constantly changing screen resolutions and refresh rates(sometimes the drop
    down box goes up to about 150Hz) but not all the time,anyway when i manage
    to get it running at 85Hz it`s ok but when i reboot it reverts back to 75Hz
    and i have to start messing about again.

    hope somebody can help as i`m desperate and can`t find any usefull info
    on the net



    ps.please don`t reply to sender as i won`t get the reply(anti spam
    The Kestrel, May 10, 2004
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  2. The Kestrel

    § Guest


    What resolution are you running at? Try at the lowest resolution and
    increase your refresh rate, rebooting each time to see if it stays.
    §, May 10, 2004
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  3. The Kestrel

    dummy Guest

    just to cover the obvious, you have opted to let windows show unrecommended
    refresh rates? mb it is an XP thing, but you can opt for a longer list of
    options - some of which can potentially damage your equipment.

    the thing about the eyestrain ... it is not necessarily because of the lower
    refresh rates. it can be a bad match between the rate of your monitor and
    fluorescent (and some other) lighting, if you have any. rates around 72
    can be just fine if you have no fluorescent. if you do have fluorescent
    lighting, turn it the fook off. otherwise, try dimming the room lighting,
    and or lighting the wall behind the monitor with a low watt incandescent.

    you have probably also tried all the options available to you - but i'll put
    this out there: if the problem is discordant frequencies, then a *slower*
    refresh rate can actually cause less eyestrain.
    dummy, May 11, 2004
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