FYI - DJ 722C - I finally figured it out!

Discussion in 'HP' started by MyndPhlyp, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. MyndPhlyp

    MyndPhlyp Guest

    If there is an "I Hate the Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 722C" web site out there,
    the author may be interested in adding this bit of trial-and-error research.

    A problem that existed forever on Win98 (and other?) platforms is that the
    Hardware Wizard would attempt to install a driver for the DJ 722C upon every
    boot even though the driver and toolbox had been successfully and separately
    installed. The accepted workaround was to go through the dialogs, let it
    fail to find a driver and settle for "unknown device."

    You cannot install the DJ 722C through the Hardware Wizard. You must use the
    HP installation. (Mostly true, but soon to be proven wrong.)

    One particular problem I experienced was print jobs failing midstream when
    the LPT port was set to ECP. Configuring it to EPP seemed to cure the
    symptom and resulted in a performance boost to Windows when the printer was

    For no apparent reason, Symantec's Norton System Information would suffer a
    16-bit crash whenever I attempted to view the Printer tab.

    Sounds like a resource conflict or driver corruption, right?

    I decided to run MSINFO32. Under Components is an entry for Problem Devices.
    Worth a look. It listed the DJ 722C and the Registry entry for the driver
    the Registry, there were three keys under the HEWLETT-PACKARDDESKJ66ED - a
    "&13," a "&12" and a "&10." Not really surprising to see a mess considering
    all the fun I've had with this in the past.

    Clean-up time.

    I uninstalled the v10.3 software (one more time) and rebooted. On the way
    up, I stopped by the BIOS and set the LPT port back to ECP.

    I ran REGEDIT and surfed to HKLM/Enum/LPTENUM and deleted the
    HEWLETT-PACKARDDESKJ66ED key. Nothing else was there.

    Rebooted and cancelled the Hardware Wizard when it discovered the DJ 722C.

    Ran the HP DJ 722C v10.3 installation (one more time) and rebooted.

    Damned Hardware Wizard again. Cancel.

    Ran MSINFO32 and checked the Problem Devices. Nothing listed. Good!

    I exploded the HP DJ 722C v10.3 download into a temporary directory,
    rebooted and got the Hardware Wizard again. This time I pointed it to the
    DISK1 directory and it found something it thought it could install. I let
    it. (The first time I did this, the device listed was a blank field. The
    second time through this while process, there was a date listed. Just select
    whatever you have.) Rebooted.

    No Hardware Wizard!

    I ran MSINFO32 and checked the Problem Devices. It listed the DJ 722C again
    and it pointed to the "&12" key.


    I compared the values in the "&13" and "&12" keys adding whatever was
    missing in the "&13" key. ("&13" is the one created by the HP installation.
    "&12" is the one created by the Hardware Wizard installation.) Deleted the
    "&12" key and rebooted.

    Damned Hardware Wizard again. Pointed it to the DISK1 directory and let it
    do its thing. Rebooted.

    No Hardware Wizard.

    MSINFO32 still complains about the DJ 722C in the "&12" key.

    Back to REGEDIT, this time adding missing values to "&12" from "&13" and
    deleting "&13." Reboot.

    No Hardware Wizard - good start.

    Ran MSINFO32.

    No Problem Devices - getting better.

    Ran Symantec's Norton System Information.

    Printers information displays without the 16-bit crash.

    Load up the printer with several jobs and see if the Windows performance
    suffers. No performance problems as a result of the printer.

    What would really complete this nightmare is if I could accurately recall
    what values I ended up adding to the "&12" key. One thing I do recall
    missing from the "&12" key is the PrinterID value. I think the Capabilities
    or the ConfigFlags was the other. There were also some differences in the
    Manufacturer and DeviceDesc values. I retained whatever values where already
    in "&12" and only added the missing values from "&13."

    Just thought SOMEBODY out there might like to know.
    MyndPhlyp, Jul 25, 2003
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  2. MyndPhlyp

    Ben Myers Guest

    How about an I hate printers web site? The problems you describe are typical of
    a great many HP printers. And guess what? HP is not alone in this mess. In
    the last year, I have installed very high end printers, not your el cheapo
    DeskJets, from Ricoh, Oki, Canon, and Xerox, and a medium range DeskJet 1220C
    attached to a JetDirect. Every blasted one of these printers posed some sort of
    problem with the installation. In several cases, the service tech from the
    company which sells and supports the printer product was totally stumped.
    Often, the documentation does not agree with the install software.

    The punch line is here is that printer manufacturers spend millions on printer
    hardware research and development and nickels and dimes on printer install
    software. And Microsoft poor excuse for a registry does not help either.

    Anyway, don't feel alone. In the words of a much-maligned ex-President, "I feel
    your pain." ... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jul 25, 2003
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  3. MyndPhlyp

    MyndPhlyp Guest

    This could get into one heck of a lengthy bitching session. Personally, I
    think there is enough blame to share among everybody in the manufacturer's
    organization with an ample amount left over for the MCSE's. Lemesee ... uh,
    that stands for "MAYBE we should CALL SOMEBODY with EXPERIENCE, right?

    The only thing that even got me to dig deep into the 722C problem was that I
    woke up early this AM and decided to actually try to fix the problem rather
    than cover it up with a workaround. It took about 3 hours of monkeying
    around even before focusing on the mess HP was making in the Registry and
    then another hour of good ol' fashioned trial-and-error to get the fix
    developed and really determine that the fix was good.

    Ah yes, when performance is measured by the results. Management seems to
    think that applies only to the bottom line of the spreadsheet. Just think of
    the market share somebody could grab if the stuck by the old school virtues
    and actually built quality products. (Visions of shuttle pilots launching
    from FL, plowing through a user's guide looking for the technical support
    telephone number, getting placed on a 1/2-hour hold because "your call is
    important to us," and eventually getting a tech that says the workaround for
    that flashing "FAILURE" light is to pop off the lens and unscrew the bulb.)
    MyndPhlyp, Jul 25, 2003
  4. MyndPhlyp

    - Bobb - Guest

    just a mention... I've used a DJ712c for years - Win95,98,2000 OK

    How is your LPT printer port setup in your PC bios ?
    ECP EPP etc. Mine's ECP and never a hiccup.
    I just checked my ECP port in device mgr and it shows the port has "enable
    Leagy Plug and Play detection" checked and "never use an interrupt"
    checked. I've NEVER messed with these settings - they work and I never
    had a need to look at it until now.

    good luck

    - Bobb -, Aug 5, 2003
  5. MyndPhlyp

    MyndPhlyp Guest


    Only several weeks later and I just noticed your reply. Maybe I can blame it
    on Earthlink's news server ...

    Before the "big fix," I was forced to run as EPP. Too many application
    stalls and spooler errors. Notching it down from ECP to EPP seemed to do the
    trick. But I became tired of seeing the 722C show up in MSINFO32's problem
    devices and decided to dig into the Registry to uncover the problem with
    HP's installation. Once I found the Registry problem, notching back up to
    ECP caused no ill side effects. The Plug'n'Pray OS setting at the BIOS has
    always been enabled. The LPT settings at the BIOS have always been Auto. The
    Windows settings for the LPT have always been Automatic.

    No real problems either before or after. It was just one of those nagging
    items I decided to clear up once and for all. And because I recalled the 720
    installation was a popular topic in this NG, I thought I'd broadcast the
    findings to the world in case a lurker wanted a real solution rather than
    HP's workaround. Consider it an altruistic act on my part.
    MyndPhlyp, Aug 21, 2003
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