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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Steve Lidie, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Steve Lidie

    Steve Lidie Guest

    I've been a happy Cube user for years. Today my dual G5 arrived.
    What I wanted to do was clone my Cube disk (10.2.8) to the G5, so I
    could continue my day-to-day work without interruption. The problem is
    that you cannot simply image a G4 system onto a G5, it's missing G5
    components and is hence not bootable. Further, with Panther arriving
    next week, I wanted a working Jaguar environment in one partition, and
    Panther is another, so I could migrate at my leisure. Here is what I
    did ...


    Ghost G4 Cube onto G5 so it's bootable, so next week Panther goes into
    a second partition, allowing dual-boot and easy migration

    SHORT STORY (no, you won't get the long story here):

    Boot from G5 DVD, when the installer starts, run Disk Utility from the
    Menu bar, make two partitions. The Cube had a 20 GB disk, so the
    first partition (Jaguar) is 20 GB, and the second partition (Panther)
    is what's left (125 GB). Quit Disk utility.

    Install a minimal G5 system in the Panther partition, restart from the
    Panther partition (running 10.2.8 for a G5).

    Shutdown Cube, attach it to the G5 via a FireWire cable, restart Cube
    with T key pressed and boot it in target mode (this would not work for
    me until I realized that the Cube was OpenFirware password
    protected!). Cube's disk appears on G5 desktop.

    Now use Carbon Copy Cloner to "ghost" the Cube to the Jaguar
    partition. Note, this partition will not be bootable since it has the
    G4 version of 10.2.8, not the G5 version. (Fixed, obviously, in

    Restart from G5 DVD, select the Jaguar partition you cloned from
    the Cube. The Installer will complain that an update is not possible
    on the Jaguar partition, so select Options and choose the Archive and
    Restore option. Proceed with the install.

    When you are done, the Jaguar partition is now in "G5-mode", is
    bootable, and (mostly) all your stuff is as you left and works. You'll
    need to re-install X11, developer tools, etc.

    So now I can tweak this partition and do day-to-day work w/o being
    really out of business. Next week, Panther in partition two!


    Oh, and for OS 9, which was on a separate Cube partition, I simply
    made a folder named "Cube's OS 9" in the Jaguar partition, once again
    used CCC to ghost it from the Cube to the folder, and Classic mode
    found and can use OS 9 from that folder.

    Macs rule ....
    Steve Lidie, Oct 17, 2003
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  2. What if you were to wait the week for Panther, remove the drive from the
    cube and put into the G5 as a slave drive (can that be done?) then boot
    from the Panther CD, update the Cubes drive (now in the G5) to Panther
    with all the extras required for the G5, then set the cubes old drive as
    your G-5s new boot drive. Then you have all of your stuff from the Cube
    on the G5.
    This would, however, leave your Cube with no drive.....
    Slartibartfast, Oct 18, 2003
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  3. Steve Lidie

    Steve Lidie Guest

    Don't know, I'm a programmer ;)
    True, but now it's in Panther-land, and that's unknown teritory for
    me. I wanted to maintain my exact Jaguar work environment, X11
    developement, etc.
    Mr. Cube is worth more with a disk!
    Steve Lidie, Oct 18, 2003
  4. The G5 uses SATA instead of ATA for the disk interface. The CD/DVD drive
    does use ATA, but I'm not sure if you'd be able to boot from a hard disk
    connected to the ATA bus.

    Why not just connect the cube to the G5 with a firewire cable, put the cube
    into firewire target disk mode (boot while holding down the 'T' key), and
    copy the stuff you need for your work over to the G5? That's what I did
    when I got my G5.
    Jerry Gardner, Oct 18, 2003
  5. Plus pulling the HD out of a cube is a major pain.
    Heywood Mogroot, Oct 18, 2003
  6. Steve Lidie

    Steve Lidie Guest

    Simply because there were too many unkown pieces that I might need,
    since the Cube has been customized over time from the 10.0.0 days.
    Steve Lidie, Oct 18, 2003
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