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G100 has no Display Properties tabs anymore after XP System Restore

Discussion in 'Matrox' started by richard djames, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. My aunt's computer wouldn't boot (even in safe mode) after the power barely
    went out yesterday. It's one of theose cases where it probably would have
    done no harm at all if it would have completely gone off.
    WELL: We managed to get it started by choosing the "last known good
    The network adapter AND the display adapter both had yellow excalmation
    marks next to them in device manager.
    I un-installed the network card and restarted XP. It re-detected it and it
    installed itself.
    THEN: I un-installed the G100 from within Device Manager and restarted. It
    found a new decive and installed it as a Productiva G100.
    BUT: Still no way to set the resolution or refresh rate.
    If I go to diaplay properties I only get the tab for "THEMES"
    I don't get Desktop, Screensaver, Appereance, or Settings (the important
    QUESTION: IN XP how do I remove every last bit of Matrox software from the
    computer (it's never had drivers from Matrox.com installed on it and never
    had Powerdesk on it either). It's always just worked fine with the default
    XP drivers.
    I want to be able to just re-install it as if it was a brand new card and
    see if I get back all the display properties tabs.
    At the moment, 2D is very sluggish and I have no way to set it higher than
    60Hz refresh rate so it's hard on the eyes.
    richard djames, Jul 17, 2003
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