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Discussion in 'Apple' started by limehand, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. limehand

    limehand Guest

    Hello everyone!!

    I have just moved up the Mac evolutionary tree from 1996 (PM 7600 /
    Sonnet G3 ) to 2002
    (G4 Digital Audio 733mhz ) OS 9.2.2 was/is fine but OSX has too many
    things going for it to ignore any longer. Raw speed and looming on
    line obsolescence coupled with amazing value still to be found in an
    aging G4 for a user like me finally made me go for it...8)

    After fiddling around with the "new" G4 for a day or so I realise
    there is a bit of a learning curve here and cant seem to find the
    answers, so here I am ...I didnt get a manual with the G4 and dont know
    if it would have the answers anyway so here goes...

    There is one ATA hard drive and two scsi drives I am wondering how
    many drives I can actually install?

    The mac came with OSX installed with "Classic" on it which I think is
    9.2.2 This is on the ATA drive Could this install of OSX AND classic
    have been on any of the other drives Does this matter or does "boot
    drive" have significance?

    Can I install ONLY OS 9.2.2 on my G4 ? or do I have to have OSX and
    this "classic" environment thing. Could I have OSX on the boot drive
    without "classic" and simple OS9.2.2 on another drive and just use
    whatever I need whenever I need it In reality I will keep the old 7600
    for certain things and the G4 for OSX only but there again maybe not...

    I have bought a copy of OSX Panther Can I choose what I install or
    does the installer "sense" what the computer is and installs OSX and
    "classic" ?

    When I boot up from my old 9.1.1 install CD I still get the OSX
    environment ...

    I must say I am a bit confused and would like to install everything
    myself but I am a bit worried about firmware issues etc Could I copy a
    system folder from my old 7600 and simply copy it to a hard drive on
    the G4?

    any light shed onthis would be very appreciated

    all the best ...

    Michael Lough

    NOT a beta tester
    limehand, Sep 1, 2007
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