G41MT-ES2L intel chipset heats restarts

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Mohinesh, Sep 12, 2013.

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    Sep 12, 2013
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    Gigabyte ga-g41mt-es2l
    Core-2 quad 8400
    2GB RAM
    1GB inbuilt graphics(Intel GPU G41)

    Intel GPU chipset(the part where gigabyte is written in black bold letters ) gets extremely hot I can barely touch it.IT STARTS HEATING ONCE I START THE COMPUTER & reaches at a point where the computer goes into reboot loop.

    Does not start normally…comes till welcome screen and sometimes past that but not longer than 1 minute.

    Starts at SAFE MODE for 2-3 minutes then reboots.

    I think its bad PSU because when I hit the eject button on CD-drive the computer starts
    Also if the cd-drive is disconnected the computer starts.

    Does start sometimes if CD-drive is disconnected. But with CD-drive connected it does not start.

    What I have tried
    1)Replaced the heat sink chemical on both CPU and Intel chipset(GPU)below the GIGABYTE LOGO cooling aluminium thing .

    2)CPU temperature is at 46 degrees Celsius as shown in BIOS.
    I could not get the GPU temperature as I don’t get enough time to run the system because it reboots.

    3)Checked the RAM its working fine in friends computer

    4)Checked PSU using voltmeter but it shows changing voltage by 0.01-0.03
    Eg if 12 volts is checked it shows 12.38 then at next second it shows 12.50
    Similarly for 5 volts too. 5.26-5.38

    4)I think motherboard is fine too cos the computer starts atleast for sometime

    5)The GPU is fine too cos I can see it in device manager in safe mode …besides the heating problem.

    6)Hard disk is fine too.

    Does that mean that the changing voltage level is causing the GPU to heat up…and when sometims I press the eject button on CD-Drive the motherboard gets enough voltage to kick start????

    Please suggest something…..i can’t test the motherboard on anybody else’s computer cos they have branded computers and none of my friend will allow me to disassemble there system…
    Mohinesh, Sep 12, 2013
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