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G70 is the next generation Nvidia

Discussion in 'ATI' started by NEXT BOX, Feb 23, 2005.


    NEXT BOX Guest

    It appears that 'G70' is the codename for Nvidia's next generation GPU.
    Does that stand for GeForce 7 ?

    why is this of any significance to Sony and Playstations ? because Nvidia
    is building the
    graphics processor for PS3. does Nvidia G70 and the Nvidia PS3-GPU have
    anything in commen?
    no answers,
    just more questions

    G70 is the next generation Nvidia

    Does G stand for whizz?

    By Fuad Abazovic: Wednesday 23 February 2005, 15:50

    WE FINALLY managed to get the next generation codename for Nvidia's high end
    card. Actually, the guys at station-drivers.com managed to get a 75.10
    driver and read what's inside the driver inf file. These guys whre lucky
    enough to see the new codename, and it's currently called G70. You can check
    what they have to say, here.
    We were able to verify the info and we know that G70 is actually the real
    codename for Nvidia next generation high end product. We don't have a clue
    why Nvidia dropped its NV number nomenclature but this might actually mean
    that Nvidia is turning the page and that it will present something out of
    this world.

    The G70 won't be based on any existing NV40 marchitecture and it won't be
    anything like NV47.5, we mean not just an upgrade to existing marchitecture.

    We still don't know when it will surface but we do know it will be SLI
    capable. So whatever one G70 scores two G70 will score close to twice as
    much, theoretically. Nvidia wants to make a lot of noise about SLI as it's
    alone in this market, at least for now. Later on ATI will jump in with its
    own version of SLI as well, that will be the second big battle of the
    current graphic wars.

    I expect this card to show up later than R520 but I could be wrong. We have
    to congratulate Nvidia for keeping this codename secret for so long. µ

    NEXT BOX, Feb 23, 2005
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