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G80 Cherry keyboard question

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by eduardoegr, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. eduardoegr

    eduardoegr Guest

    Hi folks. I have decided to get a nice mechanical keyboard, and have
    set my eyes in a gold contact G80-3000 from Cherry. Unfortunately, I
    live in a very isolated area and something so simple as to go to a
    shop and try it myself is not an option. I would have to order that
    thing via a reseller and pay in advance.

    Now the problem is there are three variations, depending on the kind
    of microswitch you want under the keys: soft contact, linear contact
    and keyclick. Can anyone tell me the difference? I think one of them
    is quiet action ala rubber keys (soft contact). Is the linear contact
    clickey but not so loud as the keyclick variant or is it quiet as
    well? is it more a kind of chick, chick chick instead of click click
    clik when you type on them? Any experiences? How are the actions
    compared to the venerable IBM model M (with which I have had some

    Thank you in advance.
    eduardoegr, Apr 23, 2007
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  2. eduardoegr

    Arno Wagner Guest

    Very good keyboard! Keeps forever and has very good keys, wheter you
    get the variant with hard-click, soft-click or no click. I have two.
    Very sturdy. I use one for gaming as well and no noticeable increased
    wear on the movement keys (wasd).
    The hard-click is probably petty close to the IBM model, but not quite
    a match. I use the hard-click at home, becuase it is relatively loud.
    In the office (shared with one other guy) I have the soft-click
    variant. It is signtificantly more quiet. I think the linear variant
    will actually be comparable with the soft-click variant regarding
    noise. Personally I find both hard and soft click to work very well
    and I have no trouble switching. There is one small issue with the
    hard-click variant: The click is not quite exactly matched to the
    contact point. Usually no problem, but I noticed this and very rarely
    I mistype. The click is also not quite as crisp as the one the IBM
    keyboard had.

    Advice: Go for the soft-click one. It is probably the most versatile
    variant. Personally I don't like keyboards without any type of click.
    All variants are superiour in quality and are worth paying a lot more
    for than other keyboards.

    Arno Wagner, Apr 23, 2007
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  3. eduardoegr

    eduardoegr Guest

    Thank you Arno. What do you mean by hard click, soft click and no
    click? Do you mean hard click = "keyclick", soft click = "linear
    action" and no click = "soft action"?.

    5 years ago I tried a Cherry for a couple of seconds and I was very
    impressed with its tact. If I remember well, the key action sound was
    kind of "shick shick" rather than the "click click" of an IBM model M.
    More like metal surfaces rapidly sliding on each other than hitting
    each other (sorry about this vague explanation). Key action was light
    and the actuation point was not that distinguishable in the key travel
    (more a little bump along the way than a resistance). Could you tell
    me, by this crappy description I just made, what kind of key action
    was this keyboard?
    eduardoegr, Apr 24, 2007
  4. eduardoegr

    Arno Wagner Guest

    Ah, no. Hard-click = Keyclick, softclick = soft action and
    no click = linear. Sorry, translated that from the german datasheet.
    The datasheet from their website used to have travel vs. force diagrams
    for all three characteristics. Now you have to look into the
    datasheet of the switches used. The english one can be found here:


    The first disgramm is linear, the second the soft click or
    soft action, the third one is not used in their keyboards and the
    fourth one is for the keyclick (hard click).
    I would suppose this was the median solution, i.e. the soft click or
    soft action. I never tried the linear one myself. The hard click
    one has a real click generated by a small metal pice and the
    click-point is can be felt clearly, if not as clearly as the IBM

    Arno Wagner, Apr 24, 2007
  5. eduardoegr


    May 6, 2008
    Likes Received:

    I am trying to get a cherry g80-3000 too.
    Most online retailer only sell two models: G80-3000LSCRC-2 and G80-3000LPCEU-0. I prefer the linear action, which is LPCEU-0. Since its last two letters are EU, so they will have a European Dollar sign on key 5.

    However, I tried to buy one from several stores, but none of them have it in stock.
    firegun9, May 6, 2008
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