GA-7A8DW only sees 511Mb of RAM, then hangs

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by James, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. James

    James Guest

    I have a brand new GA-7A8DW with two dual-core Opterons and 4 2Gb
    (registered ECC) DIMMs fitted, and the F4 BIOS. Normally, it hangs
    after saying "511M System Ram passed"; running with only one processor
    or the other fitted makes no difference, having a single DIMM reduces
    that figure to 251M but with the same result. Hitting F2 for setup
    during boot usually gets into Setup, and the memory is detected
    correctly this time round - but I get "0232: Extended Ram Failed at
    Offset: 1D" first.

    I've seen references to something similar with other boards using the
    Phoenix BIOS, suggesting this is a bug in the memory hole handling, and
    there is a slightly newer (F5) BIOS on Gigabyte's website, but without
    the ability to boot installing it could prove difficult - and their
    website doesn't mention any relevant bug fixes in this release.

    Setting the memory hole to 'Manual' and 768M doesn't help at all, and
    the default ('Auto') doesn't work either...

    Can anyone shed any light on the situation?

    James, Feb 28, 2006
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  2. James

    James Guest

    Hm. Gigabyte's suggestion is to try upgrading to the F5 BIOS, and if
    that doesn't help, try slower memory...

    So... how do I install a BIOS update, when the motherboard doesn't boot
    beyond the POST screen?!? Is there a key to hold down which will force
    it to load a BIOS update from floppy, as I've seen on some other
    boards? Is there a key (like the ctrl-F1 on some other Gigabyte
    motherboards) which gives more options for controlling chipset settings?
    James, Mar 1, 2006
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