GA-7DXR+ Not Compatible with Windows XP and Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5?

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Mark & Mary Ann Weiss, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. Since June 15th, I have been testing XP Pro on this setup and have not been
    able to get it to play video and audio off the Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
    timeline without stuttering. The audio drops out.

    I sit this evening, struggling in vain to sync a separately-recorded audio
    track to one video track, where the audio is dropping out 65% of the time, I
    can't hear what's going on enough to synch them!

    All I hear is "___ _ain in Sp___ _____ _ainly on t__ ___ne." for example.

    I have 1GB of RAM, there's barely any disk activity, there's no effects
    applied to any of the media, and CPU usages is at 97-100% when playing from
    the timeline.

    I have stripped XP of all services but the ones that every book on
    optimizing warn against, as such, I have XP down to 64MB of RAM usage with
    15 processess running. This has barely helped.

    I got an answer from the Adobe folks to this effect:

    "It's your motherboard. I know because I had one and had to replace it with
    one that uses a SIS 745 chipset, and since then it has been kicking. Try one
    of the Nforce 2 boards, they work pretty well even with Matrox hardware, not
    to mention the natively would work great with a 2600+ and higher Athlon! For
    comparison purposes, I am running an ASUS A7S333 motherboard with 768MB of
    the same ram you have(crucial PC2100), Athlon 2100+, 3 harddrives(100GB WD,
    40GB WD, and 80GB Maxtor), Pioneer AO5, 350 Watt Enermax Power supply,
    Matrox RTX100 Xtreme Pro 1.5, and a Matrox G550 32MB graphic card running
    dual 17" CRT's with no problem whatsoever.

    With that older Gigabyte DX+ I would always get freezes when I hit ESC to
    stop a capture, or it might capture for 10-15 minutes and then freeze up.
    Toss the board like I did, and you will see a dramatic improvement. After
    that, I would start looking at those PCI cards sucking resources, but I
    think the motherboard will work for you. "

    My setup is the following:

    Machine #1

    Gigabyte GA-7DXR+
    AMD Athlon XP2600+
    1GB Crucial PC2100 DDR SDRAM
    VisionTek GeForce4 TI4600 128MB
    Maxtor 80GB 7200rpm ATA133 system drive w/ 8MB cache
    Maxtor 60GB 7200rpm project drive
    2 Maxtor 80GB 7200rpm ATA133 drives in RAID 0 array
    2 Maxtor 120GB 7200rpm ATA133 drives in RAID arrays
    Pioneer DVR-A07 DVD writer
    Creative 12x10x32x CD-RW writer
    3Com 3C905TX 100mb/s NIC
    Pyro BasicDV IEEE-1394 Fire Wire interface
    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz audio card
    Wacom Intuos 9x12 Drawing Tablet
    NEC AccuSync 120 monitor @ 2048x1536 32bit color
    Windows XP Professional, SP1

    JVC HR-DVS3U miniDV/S-VHS Fire Wire deck
    Sony DCR-VX2000
    Sony PVM1261Q Composite Color Monitor

    What does it take to get Premiere Pro to run without dropping out audio
    constantly? I get a brief relief by shutting down and restarting Premiere
    Pro, but after a few edits, the gapping comes back along with the excessive
    CPU useage.

    It doesn't run well on an Intel machine we have tried it on as well. I
    thought perhaps Premiere didn't run on AMD processors, so for kicks, I
    installed it on Pentium IV system and experienced the same problem.

    Is the relatively new 7DXR+ really washed up and not up to editing video in
    Premiere Pro 1.5? I can't believe that, since I can edit video in the
    previous version of Premiere (6.5) on Windows 2000 with only a Pentium
    III-450 without dropouts.

    I need to get Premiere and Adobe AfterEffects working satisfactorily on the
    GA-7DXR+. I have all the latest motherboard drivers, have tried several
    video drivers--even contacted the manufacturer of my OHCI card to learn that
    the driver is provided by Microsoft.


    Take care,

    Mark & Mary Ann Weiss

    Hear my Kurzweil Creations at:
    Business sites at:
    Mark & Mary Ann Weiss, Jul 24, 2004
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