GA-7N400 Pro (R2) Hard drive issues with third board !!!

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Ranay, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. Ranay

    Ranay Guest

    Alpha Maile:

    I can get all my hdds to read on IDE 3 & 4 with GigRaid active.
    Therefore, I've concluded that I have 3 mbs with a defective IDE 1. (What
    ARE the possibilities)
    GBT has two of them which, they have agreed to replace after they test IDE
    (Will they work like my first mb? ... don't know)

    I need to use IDE 1 and IDE 2 because my case designs are set up for this
    The primary hdds are in the two bays below the cdrom, cdrw & dvd.
    IDE 3 & 4 carry (4) addition hdds in the internal removable carriage.
    All the pre-manufactured round IDE cables are as short as possible without
    My psus will not work on boards that have ATX headers outside a 4.5" radius
    from the feed end of the psus.
    The psu ATXs have been cut and sleeved to the shortest possible lengths.
    All the power wire clusters have been either shortened and sleeved or
    eliminated if not needed.
    (Yes, they all work, everything was tested over and over during customizing)
    Massive rewiring was done on my first system (this system) to avoid
    unnecessary wire clutter.
    Even memory cooler fans and processor fan wires have been cut and sleeved to
    fit this board.
    So I'm rather stuck with either getting a board that works ...
    Or, starting all over with another mb manufacturer, new psus and all the
    rest of the custom components.

    For now, I'm suck, just waiting for GBT to send replacement mbs with working
    IDE 1 headers.

    Ranay, Jun 29, 2005
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  2. Ranay

    Alpha Maile Guest

    I REALLY sympathize with your problems.

    I have THREE of these boards and North Bridge Fans 'going south'
    (getting noisy/needing to be replaced) ASIDE, they are GREAT boards.

    Have had ZERO problems (except above) and they are VERY stable.

    It sure sounds like you have (a) bad IDE1s.

    I mean, IF you can get an HD/cable combo (ANY HD/CABLE combo)
    recognized by the BIOS at boot time on ANY of IDE 2, 3 or 4, IF one
    simply moves the cable to IDE1.... well... THE BIOS should at least

    What's REALLY wierd is THREE MBs????

    Don'y know what else to suggest...

    Did you try specifying/'forcing' a 40 pin cable in the BIOS and/or
    dropping the 'UDMA settings' down on IDE1?

    Also, what about/maybe trying a plain old FLAT 80 pin ribbon cable?
    (Maybe 'winding those wires up close to each other'? ('ROUND') is
    causing some problems....

    STILL: THREE MBs with bad IDE1????
    Alpha Maile, Jun 29, 2005
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  3. Ranay

    Ranay Guest

    Alpha Maile:

    I bench tested the mbs first.
    The other component customizing was done based on the first system's design
    while waiting for the GBT mbs' delivery.
    (This project started out as a mb change-out from ABIT to Gigabyte)
    Only the minimal components have been bench assembled.
    First, I used the flat cables that GBT sent with the mbs.
    Actually, I thought it was the GBT cables when this issue manifested on the
    first boot with the first mb.
    So I changed out the cables with another set of flats I know works.
    And here I am.
    Needless to say, I haven't even assembled the components into the cases yet.
    So now I have a bench with three skeletal systems spread out on one side,
    and completed cases waiting to be filled on the other side.
    It's been 14 weeks ... and $$$$ worth of time.
    (GBT is VERY aware of the that issue as well)

    Ranay, Jun 30, 2005
  4. Ranay

    Bitsbucket Guest

    You say three boards...umm.....did you buy one then RMA it? get another then
    RMA that one then get another and RMA that one?
    Did you go and buy another NEW board? Could be that the techs that are
    working on the board are just sending you the same one back????

    If you have been RMA'ing the board.....try a new one?
    Bitsbucket, Jul 4, 2005
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