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Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by NOYB, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. NOYB

    NOYB Guest

    Gigabyte site and their tech support people remind me of the Wizard of

    Anyone here smarter, who knows the following:

    What sound drivers to use with GA-7zx Rev. 101, (the exact model number
    is not reported at the gigabyte site-they have two GA-Zx (Rev 1.x) and
    GA-ZX-1 (Rev 1.x). The later comes closest to my board-GA-7zx Rev. 1.01.
    GA-Zx (Rev. 1.x) is a different board, according to their MB layout
    diagram. Also their board diagram for the GA-7zx-1 (Rev. 1.x) is not
    EXACTLY the same as the board in my system, so it becomes problematical
    to determine which sound drivers to use for this board. MANY posts from
    others who cannot get this board sound to work under windows and windows
    reports the drivers are not installed. Question is which drivers to use.
    Gigabyte site has at least two and doesn't tell you how to determine
    which to use. Are these installed after the OS as I think? Also is there
    any real advantage to updating the bios, mine is 1/2001.

    Why will win98 not install nor run when setting bios to 133MHZ. MS
    claims this is a hardware fault. Others claim win98 is just a piece of
    crap OS that cannot work on fast systems (i am in this camp).

    Is there a problem with this board running at 133MHZ? I have memory
    stick labled 133 MHZ that tests, using memtest ok and everything else
    runs ok at 133 setting. Why won't winshit 98? (i know cuz it's shit).

    Why does Gigabyte support techs not know the answer to these questions?
    They tried to tell me that I had a bad copy of win98. When I reset the
    bios to 100MHZ install went fine.

    Anyone here know the answer?
    NOYB, Oct 15, 2005
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  2. NOYB

    noyb Guest

    Ok, I think I found the driver answer: via audio drivers. Let me know if
    I'm wrong. Still does not resove the other issues, including their
    confusing and I think erroneous MB model numbers.
    noyb, Oct 15, 2005
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  3. NOYB

    Mercury Guest

    your not likely to get an answer from anyone with an attitude like that.
    Mercury, Nov 7, 2005
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