GA-81915P Duo (Pro) - IDE2 CD-ROM Not showing up?

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Andy, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Andy

    Andy Guest

    GA-81915P Duo (Pro)
    How do I set the bios settings to find my two IDE Hard Drives and one CD-ROM

    My Hard Drives jumper settings are set to Master and Slave on IDE1 Connector
    My CD-ROM Drive is set to Master on IDE2 Connector

    When both are plugged in, I only see what is on IDE1 only?

    I've swapped over the IDE1 and IDE2 ribbon cables (supplied) and it will
    boot on IDE1 only and not recognise what is on IDE2. i.e. it will boot from
    CD-ROM on IDE1 and not see the Hard Drives on IDE2 or it will boot from the
    Hard Drive on IDE1 and not see the CD-ROM on IDE2

    I've set boot sequence to FDD - CDROM - HDD but this still doesn't help. It
    just can't see IDE2

    Is it perhaps a bios setting I don't understand that somebody could help me
    Andy, Mar 29, 2005
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  2. Andy

    Andy Guest

    Been looking around and apparently this is a common problem that a lot of
    people have been having: <--see
    Short answer... CD-ROM has to be master on IDE1 and C: Drive has to be Slave
    on IDE1.. no apparent solution to accessing other ATA on IDE2. Bios is an
    abyss of settings people have never seen before. If anyone can suggest how
    to access other ATA HDDs on IDE2 I would love to know as would many others.
    Andy, Mar 29, 2005
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  3. Andy

    Ian Guest

    Although I always cry "hardware fault" only as a last resort (I usually
    believe something must be set wrong!) I gotta admit I'm leaning towards your
    IDE2 connector being screwed. Having said that, there IS a BIOS setting to
    enable each IDE channel, which is the only possibility that occurs to me. I
    am not familiar with your board, but this is usually a hidden setting that
    you access by pressing ctrl-f1 at the BIOS setup screen. Does the POST
    screen when you boot show it searching on Secondary IDE or does it skip that
    altogether? If it skips, that also suggests my BIOS tip may be your answer.
    Ian, Mar 29, 2005
  4. Andy

    BruceM Guest

    This subject has been covered in some depth many times.
    Do a google & set it to search "groups" to find old threads about it.
    To be VERY brief.............
    Technically there is NO IDE 2 or 3.
    It supports only one TRUE IDE channel.
    Put your optical drives on the IDE 1.
    Put your IDE HD's on IDE2 or 3.
    Install your Raid drivers.
    Setup a raid (which will be on IDE2 & IDE3) & if you don't want a "raid"
    then just set to "JBOD" in the raid setup.(just a bunch of ordinary disks).
    Set to boot from SCSI. (don't ask?)(bios setup)
    Set your HD boot order. (bios setup)
    If you think it's going to be easy then forget it & go buy an old socket 370
    board......... lol
    If you want three or more optical drives like internal zip100 etc then I
    suggest you get one of those PCI ide Raid boards?
    Hope that helps a bit?
    BruceM, Mar 30, 2005
  5. Andy

    BruceM Guest

    BruceM, Mar 30, 2005
  6. Andy

    Ian Guest

    Bruce, you seem pretty certain about all that, so I won't argue! I based my
    answer on experience of other Gigabyte boards which featured IDE channels 1
    and 2 on a standard IDE controller and then a RAID controller which can
    operate optionally as an IDE controller, offering IDE channels 3 & 4. I
    respect your knowledge of the 81915 is greater than mine - i have never seen
    one! Best Wishes.
    Ian, Mar 30, 2005
  7. Andy

    poisson Guest

    Hi Andy,

    I’m keen to know if you tried Bruce’s suggestions and whether they
    worked OK or not. If it DID work, I’d like to try it but I’d need a
    lot more procedural detail as I have a limited amount of experience
    with computers.



    PS Has anyone tried writing to and received a reply from Gigabyte
    poisson, Apr 20, 2005
  8. Andy

    crusaders Guest

    I have/had the same situation so I followed the instructions I gained
    from this forum. I set my optical drive as master and a hdd as slave
    until I could decide what exactly I wanted to do , what my options
    really were and there were some I could explore but one I did'nt want
    was to set up a Raid so that was at the very bottom of the list .
    What I did was this- I got hold of a "sata to ide adapter"
    which allowed me to connect a ide hdd (or optical drive ) to the sata
    0 connection on the mobo . I then checked bios to make any necessary
    changes-rebooted and whallah the hdd was there as a sata connection .
    Yippeee! Hooray !
    I then connected 2 optical drives to ide 1 and had my hdd as a
    sata setup - yippeee! yay & hurrah for that option .
    That's another thing you could do - buy yourself a sata hdd.
    The other thing I did was use a software utility( that came as
    part or the package)that allowed me to upgrade my bios. The package
    came with a bios with version no. f5 and so when I activated the
    utility it downloaded for me version f6 . I installed this - rebooted
    went into bios and I found a nice surprise . There it was under
    Because my setup exists with the sata to ide adapter I have
    at this time not explored wether I am able to set up drives in to the
    secondary pci ide channel without too many dramas but I'm betting
    that I can .
    I hope these pointers and tips may've helped some of you out
    there .
    crusaders, May 1, 2005
  9. Andy

    Zibig Guest

    In regards to IDE 2 & 3 here is what you do:
    When installing Win 2000 or Win Xp press F6 to "Install third party
    drivers" in the setup process. Now, where are these drivers? On the
    Gigabyte cd that came with the board or go to their web site. The
    EXACT ones you want are "IAA RAID" drivers. On the CD they are in
    the BOOTDRV folder. There is a file in there called "Menu.exe".
    Click on it and a dos window will appear. Select the letter of the
    driver you want. It will copy them to the disk. Now....connect ONLY a
    CD Rom drive and a HDD to IDE 1 ONLY. This is what you HAVE TO DO in
    setup. I have done this and it works !!! MOST important. Durring setup
    F6 to setup those raid drivers (even though I’m not running a Raid
    Array) and then when you reboot after Windows setup IDE 2 & 3 will
    "appear". I now have my secondary HDD on IDE 2. I have gone through
    hell to figure this out, but, guys like you in a comp forum told me
    this so I pass on this vital "setup" info. Best of luck my friends !

    Warren (Houston, Texas...USA)
    Zibig, Jun 17, 2005
  10. Andy

    Zibig Guest

    One thing I forgot to say in direct regards to your question ! If you
    read the MOBO manual they state this ! Optical drives will ONLY work
    on IDE 1. I’m not kidding...really it’s’ on page 21. Very suttle and
    effed up way they say this. So the skinny is and I don’t know why,
    but, in the end you can only have optical drives on IDE 1.
    Zibig, Jun 17, 2005
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