GA-8KNXP & LianLi case front USB ports

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by unbekannt, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. unbekannt

    unbekannt Guest


    Does anyone have experience connecting LianLi PC6070 case's 2 front USB
    ports to the GA-8KNXP mobo?

    The mobo diagram is not very clear to me:

    2 10
    + + + + +
    + + + +

    + + + + +
    + + + +
    1 9

    LianLi case front USB has 9 pins, do I need an adapter connect them to the
    mobo? Thanks.
    unbekannt, Sep 26, 2003
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  2. unbekannt

    GTD Guest

    On My Lian-Li 601b, they are

    red1 red2
    white1 white2
    green1 green2
    black1 black2

    open being the single pin, which has nothing on it

    This is with an ABIT NF7S, but I believe the color coding is standard

    I didn't
    Hope it helps
    GTD, Sep 26, 2003
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  3. I just did this on my PC-71 last night! Looking at the M/B from the side
    (i.e. back panel connectors to the left & CPU to the top) the order for each
    set of connectors from left to right is:

    Red (labelled "VCC 1" or "VCC2")
    White (labelled "DATA-1" or "DATA-2")
    Green (labelled "DATA+1" or "DATA+2")
    Black (labelled "GND1" or "GND2")

    One of the cables has an extra black lead labelled "SHIELD" which goes in
    Pin 10 (top right in your diagram). It is best to connect the cable with
    the extra connector to the top row of pins (i.e. 2/4/6/8/10).

    It ia a pity Lian-Li can't put a single block on the end of the cable as it
    would be much easier to plug into the M/B. If you look at the USB backplane
    connector that comes with the M/B it has a block just like this - you can
    use this to see the order of the connectors. The colour assignment seems to
    be standard.
    Andrew Wasielewski, Sep 27, 2003
  4. unbekannt

    GTD Guest

    I would guess they were anticipating 'some' mainboard maker to use a
    non-standard pin layout, and wanted their cases to be able to be used.
    Just a guess though.
    GTD, Sep 27, 2003
  5. unbekannt

    Allen Guest

    I need the same help for my Antec Mid tower with front two USB 2 and
    1 Firewire connections. All the wires are so small it is like
    microsurgery. Isn't there a better way to get them connected? Help
    Allen, Sep 27, 2003
  6. unbekannt

    BirdKernel Guest

    I had to search the net for Firewire and USB pin assignments, then extrapolate
    each to my Antec case. Once you find the pin layouts, you can figure out where
    they go in the mobo. Wish I could find the site that I used to assist you.
    BirdKernel, Sep 27, 2003
  7. unbekannt

    BirdKernel Guest

    Antec USB Connection:

    There are 8 wires with connectors coming from the front-mounted USB ports.
    1. Locate the internal USB header pins on your mobo. They consist of 10
    pins in two rows. On some mobos one or two pins may be marked NC. This
    indicates no contact. It is an empty pin. On some mobos one pin may be missing
    from either one or both rows. Don't worry about it. You need only 8 pins to
    connect to.
    2. Consult your mobo manual to get each of the pin-out positions.
    3. Power Pins: There are two +5v connectors to the two power pins. Each
    connector can go on either pin.
    4. Ground Pins: There are two ground pins, one in each row. They are usually
    marked as Ground, or GND. Connect the two Ground connectors to the two
    ground pins. Each connector can go on either pin. On some mobos there may
    be two ground pins on one row. You do n ot need to use all of them. Make sure
    to connect one ground pin on each row.
    5. Date Pins: There are two plus data pins, one on each row, and two minus
    data pins, one on each row. They are usually marked as USBD2+, USBD3+ and
    USBD2-, USBD3- or USBP2+, USBP3+, and USBP2-, USBP3- respectively.
    a. Connect the D+ connector to any of the two plus data pins. It can go on
    either of the plus pins.
    b. Connect the D- connector to the minus data pin in the same row as the D+
    data pin that was just connected.
    c. Connect the other D+ to any of the plus data pins, and connect the D-
    connector to the minus data pin in the same row with the D+ pin.

    Firewire Connection:

    There are 6 wires with connectors coming from the front mounted IEEE1394
    port. They consist of two sets of twisted pair cables. TPA (Twisted Pair A)
    and TPB (Twisted Pair B), a power cable (VP), and a ground cable (VG).
    1. Locate and identify the pin-out of the IEEE1394 port on your mobo.
    2. Power Pin: Connect the VP connector to it.
    3. Ground Pin: Connect the VG connector to it.
    4. Data Pins: There are two sets of data pi8ns. Each set consists of a plus
    and a minus pin. They are usually marked as TPA+ and TPA-, TPB+ and TBP-.
    a. Connect the TPA+ connector to the TPA+ data pin and TPA- connector
    to the TPA- data pin.
    b. Connect the TPB+ connector to the TPB+ data pin and TPB- connector
    to the TPB- data pin.
    BirdKernel, Sep 28, 2003
  8. unbekannt

    Allen Guest

    Thanks much! Here Goes!!!1 Where's my glasses!!! lol!!!!
    Allen, Sep 28, 2003
  9. unbekannt

    markdc Guest

    Your wires may have different color coding, these are for Antec.
    This layout is for the pins on your mobo as viewed from the
    top left side (I think)...anyway pin 9 is missing and that makes it

    Red White Green Brown Double Black
    +5v D1- D1+ Gnd Gnd
    Pin 2 Pin 4 Pin 6 Pin 8 Pin 10

    Pin 1 Pin 3 Pin 5 Pin 7
    Orange Yellow Grey Black
    +5v D2- D2+ Gnd
    markdc, Sep 28, 2003
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