GA-965P-S3 (rev. 3.3) - NEW BIOS F14 - 'ONBOARD SATA' Controllerhang / lockup

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by IW, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. IW

    IW Guest

    I've been using version F13 BIOS and have the two hard disk controllers
    set to "AHCI" in the 'Integrated Peripherals' BIOS setup screen. The
    'AHCI' setting seems to allow faster disk transfers, but this could be
    my imagination.

    I updated to the 25 June 2009 F14 BIOS and the boot hangs while
    detecting drives at the 'ONBOARD SATA' (Gigabyte Controller) screen. I
    couldn't get to the BIOS setup to restore defaults as the Gigabyte
    controller screen appears before the BIOS setup.

    So, I reset the CMOS using the jumper. Using default settings for
    everything else it seems that the combination of the F14 BIOS and the
    'AHCI' setting for the 'ONBOARD SATA' controllor (the one towards the
    bottom of the 'Integrated Pheripherals' screen) means the board locks up
    while detecting the drives. The F14 BIOS seems to work OK if I turn the
    "ONBOARD SATA' setting back to the default 'IDE'.

    I reinstalled the F13 BIOS and everything works in 'AHCI' mode as before.

    So, if you have your "ONBOARD SATA' set to 'AHCI' I suggest you
    don't install the F14 BIOS.

    I'd be pleased to hear from anyone who has successfully installed the
    F14 BIOS and is using the 'AHCI' mode for the "ONBOARD SATA" contoller.
    IW, Jun 27, 2009
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