GA-EP35C-DS3R audio problem.

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Max Kirgan, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Max Kirgan

    Max Kirgan Guest

    Hi, I'm using a GIGABYTE GA-EP35C-DS3R mobo and I'm having trouble wit
    the digital audio. In the Windows sound control panel, the option fo
    selecting digital audio out isn't even there. I've tried reinstallin
    the Realtek drivers to no avail. I was hoping somebody could help me a
    I'm ready to pull my hair out
    Max Kirgan, Feb 24, 2012
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  2. Max Kirgan

    Paul Guest

    Have you checked the RealTek control panel ?

    The jack field should show there is a digital jack of some sort.
    It would be more of a problem if that was missing, as it would
    imply the mapping of jacks is wrong for the motherboard. (That
    is typically controlled by an extra-large .inf file.)

    The digital interface has a wrench-shaped circular button (blue background),
    and digital preferences would be there.

    ( From )

    HP has a few audio setup pages like that, which show what hides behind the
    various buttons.

    I can't say whether disabling digital output in that panel, would
    remove a digital option from the Windows sound output preference, but
    I suppose it's possible. The only RealTek which is handy to me right
    now, doesn't have any digital output (S/PDIF or TOSLink).

    This is a picture of what is shown in the user manual, and there
    are two items in the lower right, as well as the "wrench" with
    preferences hiding in it.

    Paul, Feb 26, 2012
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