GA-K8NF-9 rev.1 and Gigabit LAN problems

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Massimo, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Massimo

    Massimo Guest

    First of all, hi to everyone! :)

    Yesterday I've bought the router Netgear DGN3500 with gigalan, but LAN
    on motherboard works olny until 100Mb/s. I Cannot in any way to make
    it run at 1 Gb/s.

    In the advanced settings of the ethernet adapter the selectrd speed is
    on "autonegotiation" but the speed of 1000 Mb/s doesn't appear among
    the options.

    Cable is a Cat.5 cable, compatible with Gigalan, included in the
    package of the router.

    Drivers (SO in my PC is Windows 7 32 bit) are the last release
    available for nForce4 which works with Vista/Win7 32 bit (Driver
    Ethernet v67.89 "WHQL"). LAN drivers 6.66 available on GIGABYTE web
    site are for WinXp and doesn't work at all with Windows 7.

    Do you have a suggestion for me before I buy a PCI ethernet card?

    Many thanks in avance for your answers. ;-)
    Massimo, Aug 23, 2011
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  2. Massimo

    Paul Guest

    The RJ-45 has 8 pins on the connector. When operating at 10/100BT
    Ethernet rates, only four of the pins are used (pins 1,2,3,6). When
    operating at 1000BT rate, all eight pins are used.

    Check that the cable being used, has a total of 8 wires. A very old
    cable may only have four wires and be thinner looking. If the cable
    has four wires, the autonegotiation process will be limited to
    10/100BT rates.

    Also, check the Ethernet connector for contamination. On my P4 based
    motherboard from Asus, the Ethernet connector was dirty from the factory.
    By plugging and unplugging the Ethernet cable five times, that scraped
    the debris off the gold plated contacts in the RJ-45 connector
    housing. And then, my Ethernet worked at 1000BT. The motherboards
    are washed after soldering them, and sometimes residue from the
    wash water, contaminates the connectors.


    When I needed a gigabit Ethernet card, I bought a PCI card with
    a RealTek RTL8169SC on it. I could get about 70MB/sec from it,
    in my first tests. Some of my other PCs, with GbE interfaces,
    can run 117MB/sec usable transfer rate, in similar tests (out of
    the cable transfer rate maximum of 125MB/sec). After a lot more
    experiments, I determined the card needs a powerful processor, to
    operate at full rate. If the motherboard had a 4GHz Core2 processor,
    it could probably reach 117MB/sec like the other Ethernet interfaces.
    When I checked, it generated four times as many interrupt
    requests, as the other Ethernet chips I tested.

    So if you shop for a PCI Ethernet card, I would not
    recommend one based on RTL8169SC. There are probably
    some cards with Intel Ethernet chips on them, or
    even a Marvell Ethernet chip would work better than

    Paul, Aug 23, 2011
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  3. Massimo

    Massimo Guest

    As I wrote in the previous message, the cable is provided by Netgear
    for that router, and I'm sure that it does support gigabit because a
    lot of people hadn't any problem with it.
    Many thanks for the suggestion, but if I will decide to open the PC I
    will take this opportunity to put inside the new ethernet card... ;-)
    I thought I would buy the D-LINK DGE-528T but I've just discovery that
    the chipset of this card is the RTL8169SC. So I will check for another
    Massimo, Aug 23, 2011
  4. Massimo

    Massimo Guest

    As they suggested in the nVidia forum, I've disinstalled and deleting
    the nVidia driver form the system. Then I've detected hardware
    changes, so that the default driver of Windows was installed, and "et
    voilat", now the gigalan works. ;-)
    Massimo, Aug 25, 2011
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