Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Araxen, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Araxen

    Araxen Guest

    I've been trying to install Vista since the first RC and have had no
    luck at all. I have narrowed it down to the sata drive/controller on my

    Everytime I try to install Vista I get a Machine_Check_Exception bsod.
    When I try to install Vista from a bootable cd, it does it's initial
    load of the setup files and crashes once it gets to the splash screen.
    It crashes the same place everytime. I systematically disconnected
    devices till I found the root of the problem. If I disconnect my sata
    drive Vista cruises on through with the install.

    I really need my Sata drive as it is my fastest drive and has the most
    amount of HD space. Has anybody else had problems with this motherboard
    and Vista?

    My System Specs:

    AMD 3700+ 64bit, 2GB Ram, 2 dvd drives, 3 HD(1 SATA and 2 PATA), ATI
    X800XL AGP Video Card, Soundblaster Audigy 2. Nothing is OC'd.
    Araxen, Nov 16, 2006
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  2. Araxen

    the_nortons Guest

    I have the same mobo and have found a way around this problem. I have
    two SATA drives setup in IDE mode and get the machine_check_exception
    error on initial boot like you do. First make sure that you have a
    copy of the ulisata drivers on a floppy or usb thumb drive. The fix I
    found was to get into the bios and change the SATA from IDE to RAID
    (under the integrated peripherals menu). When I reboot the two SATA
    drives don't show up when it looks for drives. The RAID screen then
    comes up showing my two drives, but I let it exit without setting up a
    raid array (i.e. don't press ctlr-A). The Vista DVD then boots and
    will get to the "where do you want to install windows?" screen showing
    attached drives. The SATA drives won't be shown, so you need to select
    "load driver" and it will find the SATA drivers on the floppy or thumb
    drive. Then you select the SATA drive to boot from and let
    installation complete. When VISTA is installed and running I then have
    gone back into the BIOS and changed the SATA controller back to IDE
    mode and setup the boot order to what I want.
    the_nortons, Nov 19, 2006
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  3. Araxen

    Araxen Guest

    Thank you a ton!

    Araxen, Nov 20, 2006
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