GA-M55Plus-S3G (rev2) locks up with WinTV and add-on video

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by cjohnson1379, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. cjohnson1379

    cjohnson1379 Guest

    I built this system based on the GA-M55PLUS-S3G with a WinTV-PVR150
    and all was fine until I decided to upgrade my video. I bought an EVGA
    Geforce 7600GS. Everything installs and works fine until I turn the
    computer off for a day or so. Then it will hang at the Windows XP
    screen and not finish booting. I can boot in safe mode, uninstall the
    video drivers, reboot, reinstall video drivers and it works again. I
    can usually reboot without a problem but turning it off may or may not
    cause a problem. This is getting very annoying. I have tried several
    video drivers, flashing the BIOS, and I even bought a new motherboard.
    The original motherboard was a revision 1 and had the same problem. If
    I install the Geforce 7600 before the WinTV, it hangs the same way
    before the WinTV drivers are even installed. The WinTV card had to be
    installed first. It seems as if Windows or the motherboard is
    assigning different resources after the system is powerd down for a
    while. Could the onboard LAN be involved. I noticed it stays on when
    the computer is off. Please help me solve this.

    cjohnson1379, Apr 13, 2007
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