GA-M57SLI-S4 Rev 2.0 front panel sound problems

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by dazzle, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. dazzle

    dazzle Guest

    I have recently upgraded my PC to a GA-M57SLI-S4 Rev. 2.0 mobo. I had
    everything working, including the front panel, then I unplugged the
    microphone and headphone front panel connectors from the motherboard,
    plugged them in again (wrongly), so had to replug them the correct way
    and now the Realtek sound management software doesn't show that there
    are any front connectors active, and the headphone / mic sockets do
    not work.

    The sound works from the rear connectors.

    It is a Realtek ALC888 which is HD Audio but the case front panel
    connectors are AC97 only. I have followed the directions for providing
    AC97 compatibility for the ALC888 HD audio in the management software.

    The front panel box works because I tested it on another motherboard.

    Any suggestions, help would be gratefully appreciated.

    The layout from the mobo manual is as follows:

    1 MIC
    2 GND
    3 MIC Power
    4 NC
    5 Line Out (R)
    6 NC
    7 NC
    8 No pin
    9 Line Out (L)
    10 NC

    And the cables for the front panel audio are:
    MIC IN
    MIC Power
    Out-L x 2 (one is L-RET)
    Out-R x2 (one is R-RET)

    dazzle, Oct 9, 2007
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