GA-X58A-UD3R / Core i7 920 D0 heat query

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Mark West, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Mark West

    Mark West Guest

    Hi all,

    Bit concerned by reported temps (using HWmonitor & CoreTemp). System idles
    at ~52C (CPU is clocked back to 2400MHz).

    Under 100% load (using Prime95) the CPU's at 4GHz and I'm getting a reported
    100C reading from both apps :-/

    Oddly, the CPU alarm in the BIOS is set at 80C and it never beeps whenever
    this is exceeded. BIOS temp reports a steady 49C when I'm in there.

    System was bought as a pre-built, pre-overclocked bundle and has been
    rock-steady since day one (a month ago or so). Not a single crash, and I've
    been thrashing away at Modern Warfare 2 for hours on end without a single

    Can I ignore these temps and just trust the BIOS to do its thing or is it
    worth stripping the machine down to check the thermal paste?


    Mark West, Mar 17, 2010
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  2. Mark West

    gdp Guest

    It's challenging to know what these hardware monitor programs are
    actually reading. I doubt if you'd be stable if you actually exceeded
    90C for very long. Assuming the fan or cooling system is working as it
    should, that the thermal compound between the CPU and heatsink is
    alright, and that the heatsink is well seated, then I don't see how that
    could be. If it was pre-built and pre-overclocked, is the setting for
    vcore voltage in BIOS appropriate for the CPU now that it's not overclocked?

    I have the same motherboard and processor. My heatsink/fan is upgraded
    from the default Intel version that came with the processor, but it's
    nothing fancy. Running 4 climate models on 4 cores (hyperthreading
    turned off) with 100% CPU utilization, the reading on each core is about
    60C with an ambient room temperature of 25C. Running 8 with
    hyperthreading on makes the temps go up to the upper 60s C for each
    core. This is in Linux. It has been running stable that way
    continuously for 9 months.

    gdp, Mar 19, 2010
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