GA7NPRO-2, GigaRAID - problem? maybe?

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by SepticTank, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. SepticTank

    SepticTank Guest

    I've built two computers using this motherboard and have 2 WD 80GB
    drives configured in RAID 1 mirror mode.

    I've installed Windows XP Pro and everything seems to work fine.
    However, very occasionally on a reboot, Windows will come up and say
    something about checking the consistentcy of the drives. About 5
    seconds later it reports, briefly, something about finding some space
    that was incorrectly allocated then boots to the desktop without
    further incident. This was on normal reboots or cold boots, by the
    way. No improper shutdowns ever occured.

    Thing is, this happens on BOTH computers. So I know nothing is wrong
    with the board per se. Is this a normal procedure on mirrored drives?
    Or is there possibly a device driver causing an issue?

    Thanks for any input.
    SepticTank, Dec 27, 2003
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