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Gaming experts from Kreeda Games,Digital Chocolate,PaprikaasInteractive etc to speak @ Global Gaming

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by bangalore city, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    SiliconIndia is organizing ‘The Global Gaming Conference 2011’ on 7th
    of May in Bangalore. This conference will expose a whole new genre of
    gaming world to the knowledge thirsty devote gamers.

    How do the game makers get their games to consumers? Be it Mobile,
    Cloud, Online, PS Games, Smart phone or Tablet games, whether it is
    for your iPad or the iPhone, for any platform Android, Black berry
    etc, we have sessions on all these exciting topics at a single
    platform at our conference.

    This conference will provide a forum for game developers, game
    designers & enthusiasts to explore opportunities, expand their reach,
    and discover the on-going trends emerging in the Gaming arena.

    Around 500 game enthusiasts from fields spanning as wide as
    entrepreneurs to hard core game developers to passionate learners who
    all are gaming fanatics and hungry for inputs from core gaming world
    to attend this conference.

    The Conference will feature 2 tracks alongside top-level keynotes and
    an expo floor. We are lining up some of the best speakers and the
    sessions & networking will be of the highest order.

    Confirmed Speakers:
    Biren Ghose,Country Head/GM,Technicolor India[Paprikaas Interactive
    Abhinav Chokhavatia, Founder and CEO, ZATUN
    Chaitanya Kunjuri, Game Architect, Sierra Atlantic
    Bruce Brodie, Director Games, SourceBits
    Robin Alter, CEO, Kreeda Games India
    Jasmeet Singh, Game Producer, Gameloft
    Preetham Venkky, Business Head, KRDS India
    Laxmi Desai-Khanolkar, Director-Game Development,Apar Games
    Arjun Gupte, Art Director
    Saagar Dhoke, Founder and CEO, FUN ELEMENT
    Kasturi Rangan, Site Head & Sr. Manager - Operations, e4e Interactive
    Entertainment Services
    Alok Pareek, Director-Mobile Operations, Digital Chocolate
    Vimal Divecha , Project Lead, SPAN Infotech (I) Pvt Ltd
    SriSatish Mavuri, Lead Game Developer, Emantras

    Track 1: Game Developers & Designers Track
    Social Games, Designed for India
    Building Better Online Games
    Game Mechanics for Virality
    Balancing Fun and Frustration in Puzzle Design
    Art Direction for XBox Title
    3D Graphics
    A peek into the ‘The World of Games Testing

    Track2: Smartphone & Tablet Games Track
    Using Location Based Services In Games
    Mobile Games For Monetization
    Building A Successful Android Game
    Building Strategy Games For Mobile Devices
    Ipad Games: Touching The World On The Other Side Of The Glass
    Game Development For Windows Phone 7

    DATE: May 7th, 2011 (Saturday)
    TIME: 8.30 AM to 6:00 PM
    VENUE: Nimhans Convention Center, Near Dairy Circle, Bangalore

    We have limited Seats for each track! Registrations OPEN FROM TODAY!!

    Block your seats now. There is a registration fee of Rs 500 only. This
    is towards: Access to Sessions, Tea/ Coffee & Refreshments and Lunch.

    bangalore city, May 4, 2011
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