Gary Headlee Cap Fixes -- Great Job!

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Craig Peters, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Craig Peters

    Craig Peters Guest


    Wanted to give Gary Headlee, aka "Homie" in this ng, a well deserved atta
    boy and sincere thanks for the wonderful job he did fixing my Abit SH-6 mb.
    After good service for about 2 years, it started locking up, and finally
    wouldn't post any more. After reading this news group and a couple of other
    stories on the net (including one in PC Mag) about fried caps , Gary's name
    kept popping all over the place as the man who understood the problem and
    knows how to fix them.

    Well, he earns the good press. Great workmanship -- you can't even tell
    what was resoldered. In my case, about 20 caps were replaced with larger
    and (hopefully) more reliable ones. He bench tests the fixes too before
    sending the motherboard back to you.

    All this $50!

    I called around St. Louis for someone to do the work locally, and though it
    wasn't an exhaustive search, couldn't find anyone who would even look at it.
    They all laughed and told me to buy a new mb.

    Why didn't I just buy a new one? Well, first off the SH-6 is one of the
    very few Intel 815 mbs that also supported Slot 1 CPUs. I found a place
    where I could still buy a new SH-6, but for $150 plus shipping. And would a
    new board have the same problem down the line? I think I got a great deal
    going with Gary, and I believe this board will last several more years (my
    kids will get it shortly, when I scrape enough $$$ for my next one).

    Gary, keep up the great work!

    Craig Peters, Aug 12, 2003
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  2. Craig Peters

    Bob Davis Guest

    I'll ditto those kudos. He's fixed two, maybe three of my boards, and all
    are still running great.
    Anyone who needs this service and doesn't want to do the delicate surgery
    themselves should not hesitate to rely on him.

    Bob Davis, Aug 12, 2003
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  3. Craig Peters

    Falkentyne Guest

    Amen to that. Homie did the same for a few BH6's that I sent him (One
    had a dead keyboard ps/2 port--my fault, one had bad caps and a cut
    resistor, a third had no apparent problems but the caps were the same
    brand as the ones that usually fail), caps on all boards were
    replaced, plus any other fixes.

    And all is good in the world again.
    Homie does an excellent job.

    <Gibs> When you kill 6 people in Unreal Tournament
    it is "MonsterKill", In Quake3 it is "Excellent",
    in Counter-Strike it is "Kicked by console"
    Falkentyne, Aug 13, 2003
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