Gateway Does Not Mfg. Any Of Its Own Laptops Anymore AFAIK

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by Cal Cerise, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. Cal Cerise

    Cal Cerise Guest

    Let's talk about the concept of 'Name Brand' as it applies to laptop
    Virtually none of the "Name" brands manufacture their own laptops,
    with the only exceptions being Asus, Twinhead and Apple, and even
    Twinhead and Apple do not make all of their own.

    All of the rest buy their laptops from what is called an Original
    Design Manufacturer (ODM). These ODMs sell their computers to several
    different OEMs who then install the Hard Drive (usually an Hitachi or
    Toshiba), Processor and System Memory. They then put their label on it
    and market it.

    For example:

    An ODM named Clevo makes the Sager NP5690 and the original Alienware
    Area 51-M, the Voodoo MClass M550, the Hypersonic Aviator GX6, and
    they are all the same computer. Clevo also makes the Sager NP8790, the
    Falcon Northwest Fragbook DL, and the Voodoo Envy M:780, and they are
    also the same computer.

    Of course the Sager models have a much sweeter price tag!

    An ODM named Compal makes some of the DELL, Hewlett Packard and Compaq
    line of laptops, as well as the PowerPro M 5:6, PowerPro M 5:14, and
    the PowerPro M 6:33.

    Asus, famous worldwide for their top quality motherboards and other
    components, also makes their own laptops, and the PowerPro C 3:17 and
    the PowerPro C 3:12.

    The Dell Latitude and the Sony Vaio are made by Quanta, who also makes
    many of the IBM laptops, and the now-discontinued PowerPro C 3:16.
    Quanta is well known as the best and highest quality laptop ODM in the

    The Micron Transport Treck and Treck 2 are made by GVC. Compaq is
    actually manufactured by companies called Inventec (Armada and
    Prosignia lines) and Arima (Presario line).

    Other ODM names are Mitac, FIC, and Uniwill, among others. Not exactly
    what you would call "Name" brands, and yet it is their laptops that
    end up with the "Name" brands on them.

    Sager and Pro-Star Computers are made by Clevo. Clevo is one of the
    largest, and best, in the world.

    Well, you get the idea.

    Some call this the "Dirty little secret of the Laptop Industry".
    Cal Cerise, Oct 16, 2004
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  2. That's not news - it's been going on for years. The stats on who makes what
    are out of date, but something on the order of 80% of the world's notebooks
    are made by a few ODMs from Taiwan (and many of the others come from Samsung
    or LGE of Korea).

    It IS true that though the same company may make multiple models (almost all
    17" widescreens are made by Compal, whether they're branded Apple, HPaq,
    Sony, Toshiba, for instance), that the ODMs DO NOT sell parts to end users -
    making the choice of vendor an important one. The biggest issue with
    no-brand notebooks is the lack of support for parts, should they (as happens
    very commonly) go belly-up.

    It used to be that you could find the same notebooks sold by Dell as by
    smaller vendors, all made by Compal or Quanta - now, that's no longer true -
    the models sold by Dell are not the same as the ones sold by the smaller
    vendors, so the parts source is no longer there.
    Edward J. Neth, Oct 17, 2004
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  3. Cal Cerise

    Ben Myers Guest

    Dirty little secret? Where have you been all these years? Maybe you don't read
    the same trade rags that I do. Name-brand laptop manufacture has been farmed
    out to ODMs for many years. Same with desktops. What you get when you buy a
    name brand laptop is service and access to spare parts, many of them custom
    designed for the brand name. So service and spares are EXTREMELY important for
    laptops, less so for desktops which rely almost 100% on commodity electronics
    put inside a customized name-brand chassis... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Oct 17, 2004
  4. However what usually ends up happening is that soon after a particular
    model is discontinued by the ODM - the ODM will also stop
    manufacturing and supplying parts for the discontiend models (at least
    in a reasonable timeframe)to the brand name resellers. Sometimes even
    while they are under extended reseller warranties.

    Also the ODMs in order to maximise their profits - sell very little in
    the way of individual parts to the resellers - usually just complete
    chasis (minus CPU, RAM, drives etc). The net result being that once
    the notebook is out of warranty - if say the screen inverter fails the
    end customer is up for the cost of a complete replacement chasis.
    Same if a hinge breaks.

    Albert Alcoceba
    Remove REMOVE
    Albert Alcoceba, Oct 17, 2004
  5. Not necessarily true, and in fact, one major reason for going not with an
    off-brand but with a major, big seller (such as Dell, Gateway at one time,
    etc.). The supply of parts is much greater, in the same way you can find
    far more parts - new or used - for a Toyota Camry than for a Daewoo Leganza.

    It also helps if a manufacturer uses the same chassis for a long period of
    time (like the C-chassis and D-chassis Dells, which have a lot of
    interchangeable parts - same for many of the IBM ThinkPads).
    Edward J. Neth, Oct 17, 2004
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