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Gateway Solo 2150 rtc/CMOS battery under keyboard

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Harvey, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Harvey

    Harvey Guest

    I am documenting the keyboard removal and clock/CMOS battery
    replacement procedure for the Gateway Solo 2150. The keybaord can be
    removed by the following steps:
    (Read all steps before starting)

    1) Gently pry with a small screwdriver just to the left of the 'Caps
    Lock' key to lift the edge of the keyboard above the little notch.
    2) Gently pry just to the right of the 'End' key to lift above that
    3) While gently lifting the left side by the 'Caps Lock' key with one
    small screw driver, gently push the catch just in front of the left
    'Ctrl" key out of the way
    4) While gently lifting the right side of the keyboard, push the catch
    in front of the right "Ctrl' key out of the way.
    5) There are two more catches in front of the space bar, gently pry the
    keyboard above each of them.
    6) Pull the keyboard gently toward you about 1/4 inch before lifting it
    and folding it back toward the screen. Be careful with the ribbon

    7) The replaceable battery is under the right 'Alt' key. The battery is
    a 'US quarter' size 3V Lithium CR2032 assembly with wires and a plug. I
    hope you can find one (or assemble one).

    Harvey, Nov 30, 2006
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