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Discussion in 'Gateway' started by mikeytj, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. mikeytj

    mikeytj Guest

    I just purchased a new Gatway desktop. There seemed to be a lot of
    very postive things on the net about the HW and the company. I had
    occasion to use the tech support the first week. I was informed that
    I would have to pay for any installation support as that was not
    covered in the warranty support. I did manage to spend some time
    with them on a couple of issues. These are the truth no matter how
    they sound.

    1. I was told that because my processor Pent 4 805 dual core 266 GHz
    was a larger sized processor it would run slower than my AMD Sempron
    133 GHz.

    2. I bought a 19" wide LCD monitor and was told that if I used
    the cable supplied with it the resolution would be less than 800 X
    600 and that I would have to buy a DVI cable even though there is no
    DVI output on the system.

    3. In discussing the memory I was told that windows now used most of
    1 gig of memory and that my programs would not run properly unless I
    bought new memory.

    4. I had 3 different replies as to what the memory is on my PC ---
    all wrong. One said that I had memory that is only used in a

    5. One fellow told on issues of system performance to defrag the hard
    disk only as an absolute very last resort as this could cause
    irreparable damage to the PC not covered by warranty.

    The list goes on and continues to amaze. Thanks to various third
    party vendors help the PC is now doing great and as anticipated. I
    have been told that I am not allowed to contact thier Corp HQ for any
    reason and this must be right as there are no listed numbers for their
    Irving, CA home.

    Just some comments of amazment. Thought I would see if anyone else is
    running into the same kind of thing.

    mikeytj, Sep 14, 2006
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  2. mikeytj

    Ben Myers Guest

    Responses to each of the enumerated items are below. Sadly, you are likely to
    get the same amount of bullshit if you were to speak with customer support at
    most any name brand computer company. What they don't know, they fabricate.
    And they don't know very much.

    Did the tech support person make any distinction between "installation support"
    and "warranty support".
    Fairly lame, and incorrect. The Gateway tech support person must own AMD stock
    or maybe is in love with AMD processors.
    No, no, no and no. DVI is the preferred connection for an LCD monitor, because
    the resulting on-screen display is clearer than with analog. But an analog
    cable supports whatever resolution is used by the monitor. What bothers me
    even more is why you did not get a graphics card with a DVI connector on your
    Gateway. Did you buy the monitor from Gateway at the same time? If so, they
    screwed up. If not, you probably needed to do some research before buying. But
    the LCD monitor still works OK with an analog SVGA cable, provided that IT has
    an SVGA connector. And if it does not, there are SVGA/DVI converters
    available, too.
    Also pure bullshit, unless we're talking about that mythical beast Vista, which
    does not deserve to be talked about yet, despite intensive hype. For a long
    time, when memory was expensive, Dell, HP, Gateway and others shipped systems
    with a measly stinking 128MB, but the systems still ran, albeit slowly.
    Your Gateway sales receipt should state clearly what type of memory the system
    has, probably DDR2 at some speed.
    Wow! Pure fantasy.
    Did Gateway get an injunction to stop you from contacting them? Most large
    corporations these days make it extremely hard to contact corporate HQ by phone.
    After all, the corporate executives have far more important things to do than to
    listen to their customers. Like conning the corporate board into paying them
    too much money, stock options, and lots of severance pay.
    Now you know. If you can access the Gateway web site (or Dell's or IBM's but
    not HP's web sites), you will probably find higher quality information there
    than by calling tech support. Except for ordering parts under warranty, I find
    it to be a waste of time to contact tech support on the phone. And getting the
    spare parts under warranty often wastes a lot of time. Recently, I replaced a
    failed 2.8-year old 30GB hard drive on a Dell with extended warranty. It was
    simply not worth my time to request a replacement part for a 30GB drive still
    under warranty. Hey, a 30GB drive has a wholesale value of maybe $20, or $25 at
    most... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Sep 14, 2006
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  3. mikeytj

    Tom from WI Guest

    I have had two instances of using Gateways on-line support and have mixed
    reviews. The first contact was about adding memory and the person seemed
    very knowledgeable. She didn't offer their "value" memory however, until
    after I said the memory she suggested was available elsewhere for less. The
    second contact was about my new laptop. When I type on the keyboard, the pc
    spins the CD drive. I avoid it by leaving the CD door open. The person I
    dealt with only offered the advice of reloading the system. When I told him
    the PC was only 2 weeks old and reloading the OS didn't seem like a likely
    solution, he said I should return it to where I purchased it. I probably
    should have done that, but I didn't want to start over again, so I just
    leave the CD drive door open.
    Tom from WI, Sep 14, 2006
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