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GDM 5411 monitor with green in the corners - help

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by me, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. me

    me Guest

    As the subject states I have a 21" sun monitor that has a greenish color in
    the upper right and lower left corners. Each is a roughly triangular area of
    about 2x3 inches.

    I'm trying to try and figure out what is causing this so I can fix it.

    1) Has anyone seen this sort of thing before? Is it a known problem?

    2) Is the cable (I am using a rather cheap (free) HD15-HD15 cable) a
    possible cause? If so would an adapter for the 13 pin fixed cable be a
    better idea?

    3) Is degaussing a possible solution? I have pressed the degauss button a
    few times but did not notice a difference.

    4) Some posts have recommended opening the back and adjusting the pots on
    the crt. I can see how this would help if the color was screwed up across
    the whole screen but I'm wondering if it would be effective in this
    localized situation.

    5) Is this a symptom that the monitor is just "worn out"?

    Any help or ideas of where to go next appreciated.

    me, Sep 20, 2003
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  2. Shadow mask/aperture grille shift, (in which case there is no cure
    except to replace the picture tube), or possibly the unit's degaussing
    coil circuit isn't working efficiently. If this is the case, you MIGHT
    have some success "ironing out" the problem by applying a medium
    strength magnet to the picture tube face in the affected area. (While
    it's turned on and displaying a white screen, ideally.) This will screw
    up the colors in the area of the magnet, but if you play around with it
    and practice for a bit, you will be able to control what you're doing
    and maybe correct the problem. And then, with that defect taken
    care of, turn the monitor off, let it sit for a while, and turn it back
    on and then the degaussign circuit should fix the rest.

    If the problem still remains, you have the aforementioned shifted
    shadow mask or aperture grille in the picture tube itself, which is
    not repairable.

    Chris Johnson, Sep 20, 2003
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