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Geforce ti4200 128MB versus Geforce FX 5600-256MB

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by PeterV, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. PeterV

    PeterV Guest

    I am considering upgrading my geforce4 MX 420. Between ti4200-128MB
    model and a FX5600-256MB model which would be better to handle games
    such as call of duty, far cry, and pandora tommorrow?

    Thanks in advance

    PeterV, Apr 5, 2004
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  2. PeterV

    dino Guest

    don't waste your money on the FX5600-256, I had one and got rid of it real
    quick...I now have an ATI9600XT after 7 Nvidia cards and couldn't be
    happier..personally if all you can afford is either one right now..I would
    wait till you can buy something better..the Ti4200 is a good card but you
    will not have all the extra eye candy with it that these games have...the
    FX5600 will just be a huge disappointment as far as performance goes.
    dino, Apr 5, 2004
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  3. PeterV

    Bruce Tyler Guest

    If those are the only two you are considering as your update cards
    then go for the Ti4200. With the FX5600, just because it has 256mb
    video RAM, that means that maybe 128 mbs of it is a waste of time and
    space and you are paying for it. Also, forget the DX9 thing as both
    cards will run well with DX9, not just the FX card. It's only that the
    FX cards can take full advantage of DX9.. Of course, "all" modern
    cards will still run with DX9 so it's a non-issue...

    I personally was faced with replacing a Ti4200 and tried an FX5600.
    Let me tell you,, I was mighty disappointed with the results. The
    FX5600 just didn't perform in comparison with the Ti4200.. Oh, it
    looked mighty awesome but once you tried to use it, it simply folded
    under pressure.. I couldn't believe just how easily it framed out in
    games like Black Hawk Down, Vietcong etc - much, much worse than the
    Ti4200. If you do chose a Ti4200, make sure you do get a 128mb model
    and try to choose from good brand names like Leadtek, MSI, etc as this
    will ensure you do get good reliable performance...

    I ended up by going to an FX5700 card.. Now I "can" notice a
    difference. Not as much as I hoped for but certainly a difference. It
    cost about a quarter more than either a Ti4200 or an FX5600 would but
    it's a worthwhile upgrade in terms of noticable difference... Of
    course, for you, coming from an MX-420, you will notice a difference
    in a Ti4200 but you may find that an FX5600 would be only equal to
    your MX-420 but may only look a bit better... This may not be a hard
    and fast rule of thumb as results may differ from brand to brand but I
    believe it may be fairly representative of typical results...
    Bruce Tyler, Apr 5, 2004
  4. PeterV

    Dark Avenger Guest

    The ti4200 has definitly more power to handle games..but lack the DX9
    shaders. If you... wish a "cheap" card wich does DX9 .. then the
    FX5700 Ultra.. or the FX5700 ... or if you can go ati .. the
    9600pro/xt .. will do pretty fine.

    Don't expect wonders in FarCry, even ati 9800 gets kicked in the belly
    and swapped over the ground. But.. the 9600xt will definitly suit you.
    Nice for games... priced good enough... good enough performance.
    Dark Avenger, Apr 6, 2004
  5. PeterV

    Sleepy Guest

    If you get the 4200 make sure its one that'll run at 8x AGP cause the older
    4x variant had slower memory
    clocked at 444mhz not 514mhz like the newer types.
    Sleepy, Apr 6, 2004
  6. PeterV

    t thome Guest

    If you had to choose between these two cards at or about the same price,
    take the FX5600-256MB. It offers PS2.0 support which the ti4200 doesn't
    have, and the overall performance of the cards is roughly equal on DX8 and
    older games.

    There are better choices though, the FX5700 and ATi 9600 families are both
    good, and they outperform the ti4200 and FX5600 in every aspect... chip in a
    bit more and the 5900's and 9800Pro are also good at a price point well
    below $250USD.

    t thome, Apr 7, 2004
  7. PeterV

    Dark Avenger Guest

    You haven't seen the benchmarks haven't you?

    Seemingly not...else you would know the FX5600 is crappy slow in PS2.0
    performance. Better have a card that does PS 1.4/1.1 fast and good
    then have a card that does PS2.0..very slowly.
    Dark Avenger, Apr 7, 2004
  8. PeterV

    t thome Guest

    In PS1.1/1.4 the 5600 is close, agreed that it doesn't perform as well as
    the 5700 series or ATi's 9500/9600 series at PS2.0, but it does support

    Besides, in the short term, how many games are exclusively PS2.0?

    t thome, Apr 7, 2004
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