Gen 1 & Gen 3 iPod's skipping end of tracks

Discussion in 'Apple' started by pjgoodall, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. pjgoodall

    pjgoodall Guest

    Nearly all my music tracks when played skip[ to the next track part of
    the way through. I see many reports on the internet of the same
    problem. try searching `(iTunes|iPod) skips end track problem` on
    google. These tracks used to work some months ago, and now are
    consistently stuffed. I don't want to spend many hours re-entering my
    cd's. And I'm not sure that the problem would be fixed by doing so.

    I just bought a new gen3 iPod, and have a gen1 iPod with the same

    I think most commentary is guessing, some are better than others. .
    Searching Apple's support forums for "Skipping tracks" shows many
    people are having the same problem.

    Apple has a major here. Many customer's iPods are unservicable while
    this problem occurs.


    --Peter G
    pjgoodall, Jan 3, 2008
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