General question about jumpers

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Der Andere, May 26, 2004.

  1. Der Andere

    Der Andere Guest

    I have a very general question about jumpers. In the handbook of my A7N8X-X
    every PIN is described exactly. For example, for the speaker connector it
    exactly says which PIN is +5V, which ones are Ground and which one is
    Speaker. However, on the 4-PIN connector cable one this information is not
    given. Does is _not_ make any difference which way I connect the cable;
    after all, there are two possibilities? If the way I connect the cable _is_
    important, how do I know how to do it (except for trial and error)?

    Der Andere, May 26, 2004
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  2. Der Andere

    Nero Guest

    Makes no real difference what way round a pc speaker is connected.
    Live(+)(signal in) to +, neg to -.
    current flows in through + resulting in sound pushing the cone outwards, if
    connected other way round then thinner sound as cone is pulled inwards.
    As a pc speaker is not exactly Hi Fi then you would not notice the
    Nero, May 26, 2004
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  3. Der Andere

    Der Andere Guest

    Ok, but I have this issue in most of the jumpers I have connected, the
    speakers was only an example. I also have the Power LED, the ATX Power
    Switch, the Reset Switch and a harddisk connector. My computer sometimes
    simply crashes (resets itself, tries to reboot and then halts). I wondered
    whether this could be due to some jumpers connected in a wrong way. I know
    there could be many other reasons for this occuring, but I really tried many
    other things before and just wasn't sure about that jumper-issue. A friend
    of mine told me that his computer was not stable until he changed (rotated
    180 degrees) some jumpers.

    Der Andere, May 26, 2004
  4. The power switch, reset switch and speaker don't matter. The power LED
    and the hard drive LED do matter, but if you get them backwards the only
    consequence is that that particular LED won't light.
    Barry Watzman, May 26, 2004
  5. Der Andere

    Ben Pope Guest

    Can I point out to you that when you connect a cable to the motherboard, you
    are connecting a cable to a motherboard header. Jumpers are used to short
    two (or more) pins together. Yes, the connectors are similar, but the whole
    idea is different.
    Technically directional, but practically either way will be fine.
    Directional, since it's a Diode.
    Both momentary switches... either direction is fine it's the (short)
    connection you're looking for.
    Again, and LED (diode) and thus directional. If you plug a diode in the
    wrong way around, it won't work. You won't break it by doing this, it's
    completely safe to try a hit and miss approach. (connecting the wrong pins
    together is a completely different thing altogether and could break things).
    Maybe. But cables connected the wrong way around is unlikely to cause you
    stability problems.

    I would suggest checking your temperatures, if they are ok, replace your PSU
    with a better one.
    Thats ridiculous. Thats like saying my speakers sound better when I use the
    wires the other way round. It might be true, but it will not be a direct
    result of turning the jumper around, it will be an indirect result of
    correcting a bad connection either on the jumper or something else.

    Ben Pope, May 28, 2004
  6. Der Andere

    Legend Guest

    Or... my stereo speakers sound better when I listen to the right speaker
    with my left ear and the left speaker with my right ear
    Legend, May 28, 2004
  7. Der Andere

    Roger Hunt Guest

    I can confirm that this jumper is very uncomfortable, and looks silly,
    when I turn it round.
    Roger Hunt, May 29, 2004
  8. Der Andere

    Ben Pope Guest


    Ben Pope, May 29, 2004
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