Getting annoying message in Quicken '98

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Sy, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. Sy

    Sy Guest

    I have a Mac G4 running System 9.1.

    I recently started getting the following message when I start Quicken

    "Quicken was unable to locate the NetManage Winsock Lib file. You will
    not be able to go online without crashing. Please reinstall or reboot
    without the shift key".

    Can someone tell me how to disable this message?


    Sy, Jun 30, 2003
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  2. Sy

    Chas Guest

    Put the Winsock Lib file in the Extensions folder?

    Seems obvious enough to me ;)

    Chas, Jun 30, 2003
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  3. Sy

    Seebs Guest

    Yes. Switch to Moneydance. I did after Quicken started claiming that an
    account was $10.46 off, even though it showed up as reconciled in the
    reconcile window. MUCH nicer. :)

    Seebs, Jul 3, 2003
  4. Despite the problems with Quicken (and I admit it's not a
    well-maintained app), it does have some very nice features. I do not
    use it for online transactions, only to keep checkbooks and accounts
    balanced and for tax records. I enter everything by hand.

    Given that does MoneyDance make it easy to enter by hand? Quicken has
    autocompletion and Quickfills which are a real time saver.
    Reconcillation is quite easy and you can change transactions on the fly
    and the changes show up immediately in the reconcile window, i.e. you
    don't have to quit reconcile to make a change then go back to it (one
    financial app required this on the Mac many years ago). Well, you get
    the idea. What the ease of use like for Moneydance, not just that it's
    "not from Intuit."

    Louis M. Pecora, Jul 3, 2003
  5. Sy

    Seebs Guest

    Moneydance does those too, or at least, autocompletion and it seems to be
    pretty good about the rest.
    Moneydance does all of that, too. The reason I switched is that my Quicken
    data file got into a state where trying to reconcile an account would say "the
    previously reconciled account balance is incorrect", and claim that a given
    statement had a $10.46 error; when you tried to reconcile that statement, it
    would be perfectly reconciled. I tried their "export and then reimport"
    feature, and it still had the $10.46 error in total - but now every statement
    was off by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    I imported into Moneydance, deleted a few obvious duplicate transactions, and
    found that everything reconciled.

    I'm not sure Moneydance's "quickfills" are quite the same, but they're good
    enough for entering all of my data by hand and reconciling all my accounts to
    the penny.

    I especially like never ever seeing ads. Quicken has been getting gradually
    more intrusive with the ads.

    Moneydance has never, ever, ever, crashed on me. I can crash Quicken at will
    just by switching from one file to another and back, and it tends to crash
    trying to search my old finance records.

    Moneydance has less comprehensive graphing, but the guy's working on it.

    Seebs, Jul 4, 2003
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