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!!! Ghostbusters "The video game" !!!

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Hello People,

    I just played 7 hours of Ghostbusters "The video game".

    I used the reloaded crack for the vitality release ;) :) which solves the
    getting killed real fast in level 1.

    However the reloaded crack also has "anti-pirate" gameplay in level 10 or

    It's at the "indestructable gate" with the three green faces.

    Red angels fly around and need to be slammed into the gate... and the purple
    things come at me...

    But there damage is much higher than normal so I get killed real fast and my
    partner "ray" too...

    So,... so far unsuccessfull to break the gate... I could try a trainer...
    but maybe there is a virus/trojan in it or so... and usually I don't use
    trainers in games so that's an idea I don't like and probably won't try...

    So I will now wait for a better crack... or I will have to watch the end of
    the game on youtube sometime ;)

    Ok and then now my review of it to explain to you the quality of the game.

    Well let me start by writing that I am pleasantly surprised about the
    quality and the story of the game... it's much much much better than I
    expected it to be...

    The game starts out with a lot of familiar things from the movies... and
    then later on adds some new stuff... and also returns to some stuff from the
    movies to expand on it....

    It was all very interesting to watch.

    It's not a first person shooter... it's a third person shooter... which I
    normally hate... but in this case I don't mind so much... it's kinda fun
    looking at the backpacks... and it does add a bit too the experience of it
    ;) :)

    The graphics are far beyond with my 7900 GTX can handle... so I had to run
    it at 640x480 and then it runs pretty smooth with the occasional hickup
    because of loading... (all low... or all high settings doesn't seem to
    matter much... it's mostly the resolution that plays a roll... to me it
    seems like the game was only tested on low resolution or so ? but ok...)

    At any other resolution it becomes pretty laggy...

    Anyway the game is still pretty beautifull and enjoyable at a lower
    resolution... maybe it makes it even a bit more realistic like watching a
    mpeg movie or so ;) :)

    The graphics are pretty good... the special effects are pretty good... the
    sound is pretty good... the atmosphere is pretty good... the levels are all
    diverse... there are many many different ghosts...

    What I absolutely love about this game is that one can find "hidden
    artifacts" with the "finder" and later they show up in the ghostbusters
    building as a sort of treasure/paintings/items and so forth... which you can
    then admire... find and look at and interact with.... that's really funny
    and cossy !

    I even found a walking hippie pants with cool music coming out of it... that
    was super cool !

    Then later I knew it was so cool that the developer probably placed it in
    the building/house/home as well... but at first I could find it... but I did
    hear the music playing... then as I walked back down the stairs there it was

    Suddenly walking towards me !!! Very funnny ! I was like: "Ah there you are
    !" :)

    Yup funny funny. In case you can't find: "It's somewhere in the hotel in
    dark alley in the later mission so be sure to explore the hotel at the
    ground level, then you'll find it eventually".

    The talking painting is also kinda funny... "the gozer" painting... and then
    there are some other paintings but I won't spoilt that one for you...

    There is much much much more content in the game then I could describe
    here... nor will I even attempt to describe it because that would be

    But if you liked the ghostbusters movie... and if you have a good computer
    and good graphics and/or don't mind playing at 640x480 then you gonna like
    this game a lot...

    I played it on stereo... and that was good... I don't know if it has
    surround sound or whatever maybe that would even be better I don't know...
    so far I am liking the sound ! ;)

    That typical ghostbusters big moment music was used a bit too often... so I
    wish they had some more music for that but ok...

    There are many maps with lot of actions...and then there are some in between
    simple missions where you simple have to listen to the story and so...
    there's a lot of story in this game... and I like that a lot...

    Maybe that's not for everybody... if you not so much into the ghostbusters
    story then maybe you won't like that...

    If you just looking for an action packed game... then this might not be
    it... but if you just wanna have a fun time and experience how it's like to
    be a ghostbuster then this is the game to get and play ! =D <- most
    definetly ! =D

    I can now proudly say: "Yes I played the ghostbusters game" and "Yes I know
    a thing or two about busting ghosts !" And yes "I have some ghostbusting
    skills !" :)

    Ofcourse not as great as the big 4 but still :)

    Also catching those ghosts and forcing them into the traps is kinda cool and
    the graphics for that are way better than I expected it to be...

    Also the skins on their faces is pretty good... also much better than I
    expected it to be...

    So all in all this game made my jaw probably drop a few times... and that
    means it's a pretty amazing game graphics wise ! ;)

    It also has multiple weapons/streams which makes it not so repetitive so
    that was very smart of them... and that's a real nice touch to this game as

    Ofcourse it's not a bf2 or cod4 or whatever... so it's not the most
    thrilling/action packed game ever or so... but for a third
    person/ghostbuster game this is pretty good... and probably as good as it
    gets for some time to come ;)

    However maybe this game would even be more cool with some kind of plasma
    guns or so ;) :) just to give it a bit more of shooter feel but ofcourse
    that wouldn't fit the theme ;)

    But maybe this is an idea for other game developers... to make a "competing
    ghost" game... instead of ww2... or modern warfear... simply make a
    ghost-shooter :)

    That should give plenty of reasons to include so really nice special effects
    and all ! which this game does pretty good !

    Nice glowing/transparent ghosts ! Nice to look at and shoot at ! :) And
    especially trap with and jank em into the trap !

    This game even has a "slam dunk"... which means you can slam a ghost
    directly into the trap... if you get lucky ;) :) It will all go very fast
    which is kinda nice cool and funny.. because sometimes I think they did do
    that in the movie or cartoon or whatever... so that's cool.

    For gameplay I give this game 2 out of 5 stars... which is a bit low...

    But because the graphics and the sound/music and atmosphere is so good I
    give this game a total rating of:

    2.5 out of 5 stars which means it's a pretty good game ! ;)

    It's almost much longer than I expected...

    I already played it 7 hours... and still not done... probably close

    The game probably lacks replayability so that's costing it at least one

    And it doesn't have multiplayer and the graphics don't scale to older
    systems so for that it's also costing it one star...

    The gameplay is 2... plus 0.5 for superb graphics... so 2.5 out of 5 in my

    I won't go higher than 2.5 because that wouldn't be fair to other game

    This game does have nice video scenes too... but videos is not game....

    So video's don't give any extra points... it's nice, it's appreciated... but
    it's not what gaming is about... so no extra points for that ! ;)

    If you don't agree that... then ok... 3 out of 5 stars... but not a star
    more ! ;) :)

    So there ya go folks !

    Another review by Skybuck Flying.

    Take it from... go play this game... you gonna like it... as long as it runs
    smooth ! ;)

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 21, 2009
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  2. Ok,

    I just finished ghostbusters... I was almost at the end when I was near the
    green faces fence...

    I decided to give it one last try...

    And this time I just kept shooting the purple things... which were most
    threating to my partner... to stay alive you know... reviving etc...

    And then I got an angle... and then the ecto 1 came near the fence...

    I don't know exactly what happened... maybe the guys from the ecto 1 came to

    But suddenly the fence was down and I could proceed with the game where I
    was previously stuck !

    Yeah for that !

    Some cool creatures follow later on... and they drop "keys" on the ground
    which need to be plugged into the pilars... I almost couldn't figure it out
    so I tell here...

    And then later the end boss comes so little spoilers here but ok...

    The end boss was pretty cool... especially it's voice... like "dark messiah
    of might and magic" deep and bad :):):)

    Ok so apperently the angels are just though motherfuckers ! ;) (Or maybe
    it's a bug after who knows ;))

    The end level did have a few graphics bugs here and there but ok ;)

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 25, 2009
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  3. Skybuck Flying, Jun 25, 2009
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