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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ioannis, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. Ioannis

    Ioannis Guest

    I have been using Netscape 3.01 (for faster news access) and Netscape
    Communicator 4.77 (for browsing) on my dinosaur old Performa 5200CD.

    All of a sudden, two months ago, the NC 4.77 stopped loading a good
    amount of images in my web page, whenever I load my pages from the net.

    I threw the Prefs out, tried reloading the images to the server, no-go.
    NC 4.77 shows a broken link to most of my JPG's & GIFs.

    I've checked all my links and they are correct. My paths are all

    Navigator 3.01 loads all images correctly, but NC 4.77 shows a broken
    link above my GIF's & JPG's and whenever I try to save the picts off my
    web page locally, they get saved in some sort of strange format which is
    not recognised by GraphicConverter.

    Downloading the images directly via ftp off my server, saves them
    correctly locally.

    I've also had people who use NC 4.77 complain to me that my images are
    not loading.

    Anybody knows what the hell is going on suddently with NC 4.77?

    This problem showed up two-three months ago. Prior to that, all my
    images were loading fine, even with NC 4.77.

    Thanks very much in advance.
    Ioannis, Sep 13, 2003
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  2. Ioannis

    Ioannis Guest

    Ok, I really need some help trying to figure this out, guys.

    I've logged inside my server and the GIF's & JPG's are correctly stored.
    However, Netscape Comunnicator 4.77 stubbornly refuses to display the
    images on my web site.

    Here are the Statistics:

    Navigator 3.01 loads my page below (,
    Communicator 4.77 loads very few of my images on the same site.
    However, 4.77 loads the JPG's & GIF's from a server in Crete correctly.
    4.77 doesn't load my images correctly on my other site, which is in the
    IE loads my website correctly.
    Communicator 6.x for Windows, loads my web page correctly.

    It appears as though 4.77 performs some weird compression before
    fetching the images. Check this out:

    If you click and "Save Image As..." against the badly loaded first image
    on my main page, 4.77 saves a file which has exactly the same length as
    what's on the server, but the file appears to be...zipped. If you throw
    this file against StuffitExpander, it partly decompresses it!!

    I would appreciate it if some kind soul out there with Communicator 4.7
    can check my first page below and if the pictures don't load, if he/she
    knows can give me a clue as to the why my web-site's images aren't

    This problem has me totally stumped, although it appears to be a bug in

    Ioannis, Sep 13, 2003
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  3. Ioannis

    Ioannis Guest

    I wrote:
    A short update to those that wondered:

    I tried all possible options in Fetch 3.0.1, including uploading as
    "Type I", Translate/Don't Translate ISO, etc, and Immediatelly after the
    first upload and AFTER I manually clear the Communicator 4.77 Cache, the
    page loads fine.

    When I try to reload a second or third time, it again fails, with the
    occasional error message "A communication error occured. Please try
    again". Then the page doesn't load the pictures.

    A quick Peek inside Communicator's CCache Log reveals that something
    strange is indeed happening:

    All the Cache .JPG and .GIF files are zipped. I am including a short
    excerpt from the CCache Log binary file:

    Ioannis, Sep 14, 2003
  4. Ioannis

    Ioannis Guest

    The binary excerpt didn't show up. Damn. Here it is:
    Ioannis, Sep 14, 2003
  5. Ioannis

    Ioannis Guest

    %[email protected]%&*

    Here's roughly what it says in text, since NN 3.0.1 refuses to post it:

    "cache6820576.GIF image/gifgzip...", etc

    So it appears as though for some reason Communicator 4.77 zips the
    images upon retrieval from the server. Perhaps the server tickles 4.77
    to do that. I don't know.

    If this was the case, Communicator 4.77 would have had problems with
    other servers as well. But it doesn't.

    Any additional insight greatly appreciated.
    Ioannis, Sep 14, 2003
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