Gigabyte 8KNXP, Silicon Image 3112 Sata

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Horst Walter, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. Horst Walter

    Horst Walter Guest

    System: 8KNXP, 2 IDE Disks, 1 SATA Drive (non RAID), 2GB RAM
    OS: Windows XP SP 1

    In general my SATA config works fine. When I use VMWARE if have a
    problem (Insufficient quota to complete the requested service),
    details link below.

    I have to disable my SATA drive in the Device Manager before using
    VMWare, and then the problem disappears. I am using the latest 3112
    Driver from the Gigabyte Site. The problem occurs irregardless whether
    I start the VMWare from the IDE or the SATA drive.

    Question 1: Is there a command line tool so I can disable / enable the
    drive by a script?
    Question 2: Is there a chance to enable / disable the drive without
    Question 3: Any other ideas which might help?

    Thanks a lot.

    VMWare problem:
    Horst Walter, Jun 13, 2004
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  2. Horst Walter

    Tim Guest


    I would post this as a bug with VMWare - make sure you include your hardware
    specifications and your workaround details.

    I am not aware of any mechanism that will allow you to do what you wish. The
    closest would be to disable the device in device manager. This may be able
    to be done via WMI script - ask on one of the Script guru sites.

    The trouble with error messages such as this (even though it seems to be a
    verbatum report of an underlying windows kernel issue) is that unless you
    know the API that caused the fault it becomes difficult to establish a
    starting point to resolve the issue.

    From the Windows DDK help:

    A per-process limit on the use of system resources.
    For each process, the system sets limits on certain system resources the
    process's threads can use, including quotas for paging-file, paged-pool, and
    nonpaged-pool usage, and so on. For example, the Memory Manager "charges
    quota" against the process as its threads use page-file, paged-pool, or
    nonpaged-pool memory; it also updates these values when threads release
    memory. "

    clearly you can see that the issue is quite deep in-between VMWare and

    If you have a complex h/w config then consider simplifying it. EG
    consolidate disc drives.

    I would consider trying the following:

    a) update the SIL drivers if available,

    b) move the drive(s) to the Intel ICH5R if possible,

    c) simplify the VM that exhibits the problem - do you have multiple virtual
    discs? Is the configuration complex?

    d) try anything that simplifies the VM.

    e) try reducing the memory specification to say 600MB - does the problem
    kick in above a certain memory spec level?

    f) check you do not have a fragmented swapfile (this may give rise to
    multiple 'memory sections').

    g) try loading the VM straight after system start - does this make any

    h) get rid of bloatware. Any rubbish sitting in your system tray? Any
    services running that are never used EG IIS, WWW, Telnet, FTP, NNTP, etc.

    There are various memory quota settings that can be overridden check for NonPaged Pool as an example. Don't fiddle with
    them unless you gain expert knowledge or enjoy bungy jumping.

    - Tim
    Tim, Jun 13, 2004
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  3. Horst Walter

    Horst Walter Guest

    Thanks Tim for your input and your hints. Some I have already tried
    before, some I will try. It has def. something to do with the
    complexity of my computer's hardware.

    I appreciate your help.
    Thanks again HW
    Horst Walter, Jun 14, 2004
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