Gigabyte brings ATI's First Discrete Chipset RX330 Motherboard

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Gigabyte USA Marketing, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. Gigabyte Exclusive

    ATI's First Discrete Chipset RX330 Motherboard

    Taipei, Taiwan, September 15, 2004-- Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.,
    the world wide leader of high performance motherboards, today proudly
    unveils the P4 TitanTM GA-8TRX330-L motherboard. The GA-8TRX330-L,
    powered by ATI's first discrete motherboard chipset RX330, is ATI
    exclusive develop for Gigabyte. With the wide range of rich functions,
    the specification of RX330 can compete with current Intel® 865PE based
    chipset motherboard, and is the best alternative for the high cost /
    performance motherboard.

    Although ATI is a relative newcomer in the motherboard field, they
    nevertheless offer a full range of Intel's new platform solutions.
    Gigabyte has phased in the first exclusive discrete chipset for P4
    TitanTM GA-8TRX330-L motherboard, and with the mainstream's
    specification, The Gigabyte P4 TitanTM GA-8TRX330-L motherboard offers
    excellent performance at an affordable price.

    The Gigabyte P4 TitanTM GA-8TRX330-L motherboard, adopting the latest
    ATI RX330 chipset and supporting Intel® latest 90nm Pentium 4 Prescott
    CPU with Hyper-Threading Technology, 800Mhz Front Side Bus (FSB), and
    dual channel DDR400, delivers lethal performance and rock solid
    stability. The Gigabyte P4 TitanTM GA-8TRX330-L provides a broad range
    of peripheral connections - high speed serial ATA of storage devices,
    high quality Ethernet connection and 6 channel audio outputs. With the
    GA-8TRX330-L, Gigabyte delivers Pentium 4 Prescott power on a rock
    solid platform.

    P4 Titan™ GA-8TRX330-L main features:
    Powered by ATI RX330 and SB300 chipset
    800/533/400 MHz FSB with Hyper-Threading Technology
    Intel® 90nm CPU support
    Dual channel DDR400/333/266 memory support
    Serial ATA function
    AGP 8X graphics interface
    Realtek 10/100Mbps network connection
    6 channel AC'97 audio
    8 USB2.0 ports
    5x PCI slots
    ATX form factor
    Gigabyte USA Marketing, Oct 28, 2004
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