Gigabyte ga-7n400Pro2 rev.1 - GART Driver doesn't work fine - Unable to active AGP-8X!!

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by TheSirac, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. TheSirac

    TheSirac Guest

    Hello, i'va a Gigabyte 7n400Pro2 - Rev.1 (bios F11)
    i've installed XP Professional, SP1 & SP2 then i begun to install the
    gigabyte mainboard drivers.
    When i install the GART Driver (AGP Controller driver) and i reboot the PC,
    the boot screen appears and all seem to work good, but after few seconds,
    the blue login screen, the monitor goes blank and the monitor's green led
    become yellow, the system doesn't continue booting.
    I've found that there are some problem with the GART driver, and i know that
    ONLY this driver(present in the Nvidia Driver Package and in Nvidia Omega
    Driver package)
    can use AGP8X mode efficiently.
    I've fixed the blank screen problem using the AGP controller drivers
    (present on the Windows XP
    Professional installation CD) but with these drivers i work ONLY in AGP-4X
    I know that AGP-8X mode is able because i've tested the mainboard with
    Sandra 2005.
    So i'd like some suggestion.
    The VGA-card is Nvidia Geforce-4 MX440 128Mb with fully AGP-8X support.

    Sincerely TheSirac
    TheSirac, Jan 24, 2005
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