GIGABYTE "GA-7VT600 1394" KT600 Chipset Motherboard

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by GetwellCompuserve, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. :cry: I recently purchased this "GA-7VT600 1394" KT600 Chipset
    Motherboard board from NEWEGG for a customer and installed all of the
    components with no problem. I tested the unit for 2 days before
    delivering it and everything was fine. After approx. 2 weeks I got a
    call from the customer stating the video just went out so initially I
    thought it would be the video card or at most the AGP slot went bad so
    I picked it up and testing all the components only to discover that it
    wasn’t the video card. I did a diagnostic test and the board failed,
    so my question is whether anyone else has experienced this and if so
    what was the remedy they sought. Because I usually use ASUS boards and
    have never had this problem but wanted to try GIGABYTE because I was
    told they had good boards for less dollar. Perhaps someone can tell me
    why this would have happened.
    GetwellCompuserve, Apr 9, 2005
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  2. GetwellCompuserve

    k Guest

    They did a poor job of getting rid of the heat on the chipset, first they
    did away with the fan and then used
    no tape or paste. I had one drive me nuts until I removed the heatsink and
    put silicon on it...I also scraped it
    flat as it was only hitting on one corner of the chipset. No problems since.

    k, Apr 9, 2005
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  3. I have the same motherboard- you're taking about the silver radiato
    under the processor .
    Is this particularly tricky? I take it I use the same paste as cp
    I'm about to install the board and would like to check this befor
    doing so.

    I also have problems with memory compatibilty. Can anyone suggest
    stick of 512MB pc3200 to go with this board and a Sempron 2400 ?

    Your thoughts much appreciated
    Stephen Bowden, Apr 9, 2005
  4. GetwellCompuserve

    k Guest

    Yes I am talking about the silver radiator on the chipset down and to the
    right of the cpu. you have to remove the motherboard to release the plastic
    retainers that hold the HS in place. You may or maynot have tape under it.
    Check to see how much surface contact there was,I only had one corner
    making contact. After a hour or so after start up started slowing down and
    just acting strange. No problems after the fix.
    Never had problems with memory.

    k, Apr 10, 2005
  5. I released the plastic retainers but the heat sink felt very solid s
    didn't take it any further. That's useful information though.

    And could you give me the name of your problem-free memory? My no-nam
    stick is either faulty or incompatible,I'm not sure which.
    I'm after 512MB pc3200 as you might expect.
    Thanks for everythin
    Stephen Bowden, Apr 10, 2005
  6. GetwellCompuserve

    k Guest

    Steven, it may seem solid but that don't mean it has good surface contact.

    k, Apr 11, 2005
  7. too much force having removed the plastic retainers. I'm used t
    changing the cpu heatsink but this is new territory for me
    Stephen Bowden, Apr 11, 2005
  8. GetwellCompuserve

    k Guest

    Steven, you might try and pry gently probably has tape if it is stuck,
    you can then check the tape to see where contact is, remove all traces of
    take and use a razorblade to sctape the top if it has highcorners like mine
    did and use a good coatof silicone.

    As to memory I use anything except kingston. Never had good
    luck with it.

    k, Apr 11, 2005
  9. I've just ordered a stick of kingston value!

    Thanks for the instructions.
    Stephen Bowden, Apr 11, 2005
  10. I yanked off the heatsink and could see immediately what you're o
    That nasty tape was only touching two opposite sides of the plasti
    and barely,if at all,the chipset.
    So I scraped off the tape, cleaned it up with alcohol and made a nic
    circle of silicone to fit the chipset.

    Very useful tip,thanks k.
    I'll let you know if I'm lucky or not with the Kingston
    Stephen Bowden, Apr 11, 2005
  11. GetwellCompuserve

    SteveK Guest

    Kingston usually is very reliable at stock speeds, therefore the lifetime
    warranty, but a bad overclocker.

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    SteveK, Apr 11, 2005
  12. GetwellCompuserve

    k Guest

    Steven, sounds exactly as I found. Luck with the Kingston.

    k, Apr 12, 2005
  13. Got the Kingston recommendation from the AMD Sempron forum.

    Funny, there are some on this forum who don't rate the KT600 fo
    Anyway I'll be more than happy if it runs at 333fsb for the time being

    Many thanks for the advice k. Its very much appreciated.
    Stephen Bowden, Apr 12, 2005
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