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Gigabyte geForce 6600GT on a 4x slot on Epox 8KHA+?

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by wingman25, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. wingman25

    wingman25 Guest

    This kind of a question may have been asked before but i just wanted to
    be specific with my kind of a mainboard.

    It's an Epox 8KHA+ BIOS version 1.0 from 2001. Mobo manufacture date
    10/2001 and has a VIA KT266/A, KT333/A Chipset on it (not sure which
    one is the actual speed though, this is what i found using SiSoft

    The AGP slot is 4x
    and i currently have an ancient GeForce2 GTS installed on it.

    The memory is 1GB DDR and the CPU is an Athlon 1700+ (1.47 Ghz).

    I purchased a Gigabyte 6600GT Turboforce 128DDR today hoping it will
    fall back to 4x but i am scared to open the box and replace the old
    card before i am sure this one will work. The new card info only
    specifies it will work on 8x. Here is the link:

    I have seen as many posts saying it will work as posts claiming there
    will be a voltage problem causing either the video card or the
    mainboard to fry.

    All help and feedback based on your experience will be awesome!
    wingman25, Oct 3, 2005
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  2. As long as the board supports AGP 4X it should work fine. The 6600GT
    cards only support 1.5V I/O, therefore they will not work on most AGP
    2X-only motherboards however. (If the motherboard and video card were
    made according to specs, it should be physically impossible to insert a
    card with incompatible voltage requirements.)
    Robert Hancock, Oct 3, 2005
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  3. wingman25

    Leeb18509 Guest

    I had the same mobo and ran an "8X AGP" ATI 9700 Pro on it. The card
    work fine, it will simply run at 4X AGP which makes little, if any
    Leeb18509, Oct 3, 2005
  4. wingman25

    Cuzman Guest

    wingman25 wrote:

    " It's an Epox 8KHA+ BIOS version 1.0 from 2001. Mobo manufacture date
    10/2001 and has a VIA KT266/A, KT333/A Chipset on it (not sure which one
    is the actual speed though, this is what i found using SiSoft Sandra). "

    The EpoX 8KHA+ has a 1.5v AGP4x slot, so an AGP8x 6600GT should work
    fine. http://www.epox.com.tw/eng/products_content.php?ps=93

    However, there are a few other problems to consider....

    Firstly your PSU needs to be able to handle the card, and you didn't
    state the manufacturer, model and power yours puts out.

    Secondly, a 6600GT will be held back a little by an Athlon XP 1700+.
    The card will certainly be a gigantic leap from a GeForce2 GTS anyway,
    but your system won't quite put out the performance figures seen in the
    average 6600GT review. The 8KHA+ can take a 266FSB Athlon XP 2600+, as
    the latest BIOS indicates, so my advice would be to pick up a faster
    266FSB Athlon XP than the 1700+. You will likely need to update the
    BIOS in order for a Thoroughbred / Thorton to even boot, so make sure
    you do that before upgrading.
    Cuzman, Oct 3, 2005
  5. wingman25

    DaveW Guest

    That video card will work fine with that motherboard. 8x video card are
    industry compatible with 4x motherboards. I currently have a 6800 GT card
    in a 4x Asus P4PE motherboard and it works great.
    DaveW, Oct 4, 2005
  6. wingman25

    deimos Guest

    I second the comment about being CPU limited. Even a decent NForce 2
    Ultra board with a Barton 2500 fails to feed a 6600GT adequately
    (unfortunately my 2500 doesn't run stable at 3200). A 2600 is a better
    start, but the KT266 is lacking overall system bandwidth as well.

    I'd say you'll be very happy with your card up to a Athlon 64 3400 or so.
    deimos, Oct 4, 2005
  7. wingman25

    wingman25 Guest

    Thanks everyone!
    I put this card in and it definitely works. However i am not at all
    impressed with the performance and i guess the next is to upgrade the
    CPU and the mainboard (AGP supported). I appreciate all the suggestions
    and feedback so far. Thanks again very much.

    I might be looking at an Athlon 64 definitely.
    wingman25, Oct 4, 2005
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