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Gigabyte GTX 275 drivers

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Crash Lander, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Crash Lander

    Crash Lander Guest

    Playing Crysis on the weekend, the system rebooted unexpectedly. I
    switched off the auto reboot to hopefully see what the issue was if it
    happened again. It did happen again and it said a display driver had
    failed but had recovered. Vista's issues and solutions thing found
    drivers for the GTX275 and my monitor and I gave the nod to install
    them. It happened again that night as I loaded a save game in Crysis. I
    ran GPUZ and Hardware monitor so I could monitor temps and fired up
    Crysis and loaded the saved game. As soon as the game loaded, it caused
    Crysis to terminate. Temps were all in normal ranges for both GPU and
    CPU. I redownloaded Physx software and it then allowed the save game to
    load, mind you it was all stuck still, but I could move around.
    Selecting restart mission seemed to rectify things and subsequent loads
    from the new save point load without issue and temps according to GPUZ
    and Hardware monitor are still fine. This morning when I switched the
    comp on, it didn't boot. Just gave me a black screen. Hitting the reset
    button and selecting start windows normally rendered a normal boot with
    no further issues. I hope it boots fine tonight when I get home. Any
    suggestions on this one?
    Also, another annying ting I've noticed is almost everytime I open my
    browser (IE8), it says the browser didn't close properly last time and
    asks me whether to restore last session or go to home page. I select
    home page and all is fine. Why would this be happening?
    While I'm asking questions, anyone have an issue with CA Anti-virus
    Plus reporting to Windows security that it is turned off? It appears to
    be on and does it's auto updates and checks and stuff, but windows
    security keeps reporting that it is off.
    System is 3 weeks old approximately. Vista 64bit. i7 920 not
    overclocked. 6GB ram. 2 x 500GB HDD's. GTX 275 896mb (Gigabyte). ASUS
    P6T-SE motherboard.
    Crash Lander

    Crash Lander, Oct 25, 2009
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