Gigabyte incompetence

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by ruggb, Aug 18, 2010.

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    gigabyte competence
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    based on the past 4 or 5 questions I have asked Gigabyte "no technical support (NTS)", I am surprised this company is still in business.

    here is a definition of insanity ->> asking Gigabyte for technical information RE their motherboards -- THEN asking again hoping to get an answer to the question you actually asked.

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to what MB I should buy next so that I can get real support answers to my questions and not BS?HuhHuhHuhHuh??

    I guess this also explains why they put a totally ridiculous heat sink on a northbridge and then tell you the MB is overclockable. No one has ever accused them of having brains. At NORMAL speed my northbridge HS is already at 60°C WITH A SMALL FAN. At 300mHz FSB it runs just fine with NO voltage increases until I can boil water on the HS, then I get memory errors. Yes that is correct 100°C and NTS won't tell me what temp I should be concerned about.

    They also have no clue as to why the BIOS info RE the memory is wrong - it must be the way I have the board configured is their answer.


    BTW - I just bought a Thermalright northbrige HS - the tall one. If you have issues with a GB MB, I would highly recommend this. My temp is now 45°C and it is running at 300MHz with no fan directly on it and no voltage increases except for the ram which is speced for 2.0volts.

    If the jackas es would have pointed to this the first time I asked it would have saved me a LOT of time and grief RMAing ram and the cost of another MB while I returned this one to have them tell me it was NPF.

    MY NEXT MB IS NOT GOING TO BE A GIGABYTE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    ruggb, Aug 18, 2010
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