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Gigabyte K8N PRO - RAM Problem Raid Problem Answers here

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Noc, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. Noc

    Noc Guest

    First RAM. If you are loading windows XP you will get an error
    message about some setupdd.sys file. This occurs only if you have RAM
    plugged into DDR slot 1, if you have it in 2 or in 2 and 3 it works
    fine. Get the latest bios from Gigabyte, it fixes the problem. They
    haven't released it to their website yet, I don't know when they will.
    Its 8KNP.F8g.

    Next, the Raid IT8212 problems. Get the latest driver from Gigabyte.
    The directions for use with the cd-rom are very bad, and from talking
    to support I don't think the correct drivers are even on the cd-rom.
    Your floppy should have the following folder/files in it, once you
    have unzipped them to your disk. iteraid, txtsetup.oem, and 3 folders
    named: WIN2k_XP, WIN98_ME, WINNT. Each of these folders contains 3
    files, except for the WIN98_ME it contains 4. In any case you only
    need the one for your OS. I hope this helps someone, I sent a mobo
    back over this, and then spent 3 hours debugging/talking to tech
    support today to figure what all was wrong with this thing. If anyone
    has a site that can host these files, I would be glad to e-mail them
    to you.
    Noc, Oct 15, 2003
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