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Gigacube 9800 PRO 128MB DDR XTREME is this a good card ?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by OCZ Guy, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. OCZ Guy

    OCZ Guy Guest

    Anyone got one, its says exteme but on the box says game buster ? the
    same, ive looked on the gecube website but its NO WHERE to be found ?

    Gigacube ATI 9800 Pro XTREME 128MB 256-bit DDR, 400 MHz Core and 700
    MHz Memory speed,AGP 8X, Integrated 8 parallel rendering pipelines and
    4 parallel geometry engines, SMARTSHADER 2.1 technology supports the
    latest Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 feature sets.

    Thats the info i get off the website its only a few more dollars than
    a normal 9800 pro !!!

    Would like to upgrade from a 9600 Pro now that the 9800 pros are so
    cheap :)

    Does any games come with it ?

    Heres the url for a closer look :)

    Thanks again.
    OCZ Guy, Jul 1, 2004
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  2. Hella yes Thats way better sounds great.
    wired and confused, Jul 2, 2004
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  3. OCZ Guy

    OCZ Guy Guest

    Its no X800 Pro though :( though 380 bucks vs 900 bucks, 9800 Pro
    better bang for buck i would think ??
    OCZ Guy, Jul 2, 2004
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