Google Chrome takes 6 GB of my hard disk

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Juan I. Cahis, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Dear friends:

    Cleaning my Mac, I discovered that Google Chrome Browser takes 6 GB of my
    hard disk. Is this OK?

    I use it very seldom.
    Juan I. Cahis, Nov 10, 2013
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  2. Something sounds out of whack. My Google Chrome browser with a few
    Google apps takes up less than 1Gb.
    Lloyd E Parsons, Nov 10, 2013
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  3. Juan I. Cahis

    Jolly Roger Guest

    How exactly did you come to the conclusion that it takes 6 GB?
    Jolly Roger, Nov 11, 2013
  4. Juan I. Cahis

    Alan Browne Guest

    How did you determine that?
    Alan Browne, Nov 11, 2013
  5. There are cache files, which I clean out fairly regularly, but that's in
    the Advanced Preferences as well as the Chrome Menu settings. If you
    don't clear it, I don't know what it does before it cleans things out.
    Michael Vilain, Nov 11, 2013
  6. Juan I. Cahis

    Daniel Cohen Guest

    I noticed a similar thing recently. It turns out that when Chrome
    updates itself, it also keeps a copy of the previous version. These can
    mount up to a large total, but can safely be deleted.

    Control-click on Chrome and Open Package Contents. I forget exactly
    where the copies are, I think they may be in Contents, Mac OS, with the
    name Google Chrome followed by some letters and numbers.
    Daniel Cohen, Nov 11, 2013
  7. Dear Jolly & friends:

    I opened in Finder the Application folder, and I clicked the Size tab.
    Chrome went to the first place with 6 GB.
    Juan I. Cahis, Nov 11, 2013
  8. <>,
    OK, then there's a problem with your system. I'm running Google Chrome
    30.0.1599.101 which is 146,510,624 bytes, according to Get Info.

    If I were a paranoid kinda person, I'd start by replacing your copy of
    Google Chrome. Either it's corrupt or your system got munged or
    something isn't kosher.

    If I was really paranoid, I'd reload my entire system, not trusting
    anything. But I threw out my Aluminum foil hat (tin foil is impossible
    to find these days).
    Michael Vilain, Nov 11, 2013
  9. Juan I. Cahis

    John White Guest

    So use option-click to View Package Contents and see where all the space
    is going. Incidentally, my Google Chrome takes 299 MB.
    John White, Nov 11, 2013
  10. Juan I. Cahis

    Savageduck Guest

    292.4 MB here.
    Savageduck, Nov 11, 2013
  11. Looks like they're in Contents->Versions. I see two folders, the current
    version and the previous version. They each take about 150 MB. There
    would have to be 40 versions to add up to 6 GB.

    If that's what's causing the OP's problem, I wonder why it's not
    deleting older versions when it's auto-updating.
    Barry Margolin, Nov 11, 2013
  12. Juan I. Cahis

    Jolly Roger Guest

    Thanks, but I wasn't asking you.
    Jolly Roger, Nov 11, 2013
  13. <>,
    Google apps are Trojan horses to a degree. They're free in exchange for
    telling Google about everything about how you use them. All of them
    install system daemons that keep the applications updated, and it's
    buggy. You can hunt down the daemons and remove them but launching any
    Google app will replace them.

    The bugs that I've seen so far:

    - Excessive network use
    - High CPU use
    - Interference with the Power Manager, causing random sleeps or refusal
    to sleep.

    It could be leaking data when it's performing updates too.

    I nuked all the Google software because I was hitting the random sleep
    Kevin McMurtrie, Nov 11, 2013
  14. That's really weird. After updating, my version goes down to one copy in
    /Applications/Google Chrome/Contents/Versions/.
    Michael Vilain, Nov 11, 2013
  15. I assumed it kept the previous version around to make it easier to undo
    if there's a problem.
    Barry Margolin, Nov 11, 2013
  16. Juan I. Cahis

    John White Guest

    The difference between its' keeping one or two versions might depend on
    whether you're using the release or beta application. I'm running the
    beta, and have two versions stored (just now it was three, but then it
    did an update and deleted the oldest).
    John White, Nov 11, 2013
  17. Juan I. Cahis

    Lewis Guest

    Odd. Mine ius 28.0.1500.72 (Google Chrome is up to date).

    It's ~250MB

    I have 21.0.1180.67 and in .../Contents/Versions
    Lewis, Nov 11, 2013
  18. I was thinking the same thing. I'm also running the Beta, and I have
    31.0.1650.48 and 32.0.1700.6. The expectation may be that beta testers
    are more likely to need to back out the latest revision.

    I just noticed that these are not the same as the two versions I saw
    when I posted earlier. 31.0.1650.48 is what I'm running, and earlier it
    was the higher version, now it's the lower version. And what do you
    know, About Chrome says "Nearly up-to-date! Relaunch Google Chrome to
    finish updating."

    After I relaunched, both versions are still there.
    Barry Margolin, Nov 12, 2013
  19. The OP didn't use Chrome much. It's my default browser. So if they
    hardly run it, it will never update to the latest version and delete the
    older versions. I'm guessing that's what happens.
    Michael Vilain, Nov 12, 2013
  20. I suppose that's possible. But I'd expect the background process that
    periodically downloads new versions to get rid of all the intermediates
    that he never updated to, rather than leave all of them around.
    Barry Margolin, Nov 12, 2013
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