Grid matrix on the 1907FP LCD

Discussion in 'Dell' started by kasnem, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. kasnem

    kasnem Guest

    I just received a Dell 1907FP 19 inch LCD monitor. It has a very
    visible grid matrix on the screen like a layer of nets that turns lines
    into fuzzy dots. After a few hours of using it, my eyes are killing me.

    I checked my previous Viewsonics VX700 17 inch LCD and the grid
    matrix on the screen is barely visible. There are several possible

    1. The Dell 1907FP is using a grid matrix wire to provide current to
    the pixels, the VX700 is using different technology which has less
    visible grid matrix.

    2. The VX700's dot pixel is only .25 mm and thus is less visible than
    the 1907FP which has .294 mm dot pixel.

    3. All of the above.

    Anyone knows the reason why these two LCDs look so different?

    (Most generic 19" LCD uses .294 mm dot pixels. Will a generic 20.1"
    LCD with
    ..255 mm dot pixel solve this problem?)
    kasnem, Oct 7, 2006
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