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GTC 2010 recap

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I think it's a good idea to note some of the items I saw in video recordings
    of the gtc 2010 (nvidia).

    1. The most amazing thing was iray is now integrated into 3d studio max, so
    soon realistic lightning can be done in it. As I child I tried to make light
    go through fiber optic cables in 3d studio 4.0 ofcourse that couldn't
    work... but perhaps with iray it might work... so I am interested in trying
    that out some time to see if the state of the art can actually nowadays do
    it ! ;)

    2. Let's just call him the cool guy, the boss of nvidia, again showed a new
    camera, this time it appeared to be and looked like a fly's eye's camera.

    Apperently the fly records images from multiple slightly different views
    which allows the fly to focus and unfocus on distant objects.

    Now with technology computer systems can do that as well... adobe had a
    little presentation of it... it was quite amazing... Focussing is truely a
    problem with modern day/digital camera's... and you'll never get a second
    chance at recording that burgular that just went off with something... so
    having a camera which can be used to adjust the focus later on would be
    terrific ! ;) If it makes it into consumer devices remains to be seen. If it
    makes into video remains to be seen, probably huge data requirement so it
    might take another 10 years before data storage devices can handle it... or
    maybe people willing to take just a few pictures and short video's... I
    think they would so it would be nice to have already ;) :)

    3. Big Boss went on to mention roadmap for gpu's unfortunately he didn't go
    into any new instructions or instruction set expensions which is something I
    as a programmer am kinda interested in... I wanna know if it will get new
    integer instructions or something like that. Last time I took a look at the
    instruction set it had a long way to go... so I wonder how much progress is
    being made at that front.

    4. Second video, there was a twitching ;) guy with biomedical computational
    stuff... like molecules being modelled inside computer... because
    microscopes can't do it supposedly it be modelled inside computer... How
    accurate these models are remains to be seen... the potential of bugs in
    there giving wrong results is kinda scary.

    5. Closing video, this video was quite amazing... a bold funny guy, german
    guy perhaps... blushing guy, making dirty pregancy joke lol... and taking a
    piss at obama's "yes we can" lol... was totally humerous... but it's
    adchievement with autonomous robots driving cars was also amazing... how
    much stuff they invented themselfes and how much stuff they simply borrowed
    from others remains unknown... but it was amazing.
    The last few seconds are definetly a most see... I laughed my ass off for
    like 2 or 3 minutes ! =D
    But recommended is to watch the whole movie first... and then you will
    automatically see the last seconds and that makes it that much more funny.

    There were also some prices for company's trying to commercialize gpu's...
    that handing out prices section was a bit lame and I would have hated to
    stand there... with my dick euh I mean price in my hands lol. That didn't
    totally feel right to me but ok ;) Price also seemed kinda shitty but one
    graphics card for company ok maybe a bit nice... but gjez. Nothing further
    was explained by it.

    There were something like 360 submissions... too much of course to all
    watch... I saw 3 or so... in main video's hosted on website.

    That's a bit of a problem for nvidia and the crowd it seems...

    Maybe it would be better to give each submission 5 minutes of
    speaking/presentation time.

    Let's see that would be 360x5/60 = 30 hours of listening... which is still a
    bit much...

    Let's say 2 hours of listening per day. That's still 15 days.

    Oh that reminds me there was some other news...

    cuda for x86 is supposed to come out, this could explain why they were
    hiring x86 people...

    If a usuable compiler ever comes out of it remains to be seen... but it is
    kinda interesting.

    There was also a heart surgeon... talking about stablizing the view on a
    beating heart, not too shabby...

    The most shabby part was the bad game of hawx2 or something... but it did
    show a lot of tree tops... I wasn't too impressed by that.

    Big gasp hehe, anyway next year I hope to see something big, something mind
    blowing like a game made with iray's new rendering, that would
    be truely awesome and ground breaking and would probably kick John Carmak's
    ass... unless ofcourse he gets involved with it too ;) :)

    Skybuck =D
    Skybuck Flying, Sep 24, 2010
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  2. Little note:

    Perhaps if iray is too slow for realtime rendering for games, fprime could
    be checked out... I just read about it, it was supposed to be a lightwave
    for over 4 to 5 years now... and some say it's faster but if it's better
    quality wise probably not... but for games it might still be nice..

    Skybuck Flying, Sep 24, 2010
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