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GW Solo 2150 Questions, Please

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Ron, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. Ron

    Ron Guest

    Jun 13/04
    Greetings. Have recently acquired this unit. Immediately stripped off W98
    and format-installed ME. Also swapped out the 64MB add-in for a 256.
    Everything seems OK, but...this being my 1st laptop, I'm in the dark on a
    couple of things:

    (1) Are there any hidden BIOS options? Like Gr/Ap size? Is it possible to
    change the RAM allocation to vid?

    (2) On AC, if I close the lid, is it supposed to turn off the screen [but
    leave the comp running]? And if so, is the screen supposed to re-light when
    I open the lid?

    (3) There are multiple conflicts in DevMgr; all of which are second
    (duplicate?) entries for certain items. i.e., I have 2 DMA Controllers, 2
    System Clocks, 2 Interrupt Handlers, 2 System Speakers, plus a few more.
    If I delete the yellow-flagged entries, they are simply re-detected &
    re-installed at re-boot. And they remain yellow-flagged, too. There is
    quite a lengthy list of stuff...esp under System Devices. And I do NOT have
    duplicates of all of them. Just about a half dozen or so. Can anyone shed
    any light on this?

    (4) I realize that I can attach a PS/2 mouse, and there is an option in the
    BIOS to set what happens to the Touchpad when/if I do this. So far I have
    not tried it...and the pad works just fine. But meanwhile I have an
    interrupt conflict in DevMgr for the 2 mouse entries. And it will not
    permit a manual IRQ re-assignment to resolve the conflict. It also ignores
    the "Click here to resolve this conflict with Hardware Troubleshooter".
    (Nothing happens if I click that button) Further, it makes no diff to this
    yellow-flagging if I change the TouchPad auto-config from disable to enable
    [in the BIOS]. And upgrading/updating the driver has no effect. Can anyone
    shed any light on this?

    (5) Re: the power-management options. There are a number of BIOS settings
    which affect how the comp handles it's power. And there is more than one
    that is related to certain if/then/otherwise functions of the OS [power
    management]. I have tinkered with these settings, and it seems that the
    BIOS power settings are at odds with the OS power settings. And there does
    not appear to be a definitive DISABLE option for the BIOS power settings.
    Is there an ideal environment for these 2 separate power-control utilities?

    That should hold me for a while. Many thanks in advance for your replies.
    Ron, Jun 13, 2004
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