GX270 strange "zoomed" video mode on boot up with Intel motherboard video

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Paul, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    I've got a few Optiplex GX270's with the Intel 82865G chipset on
    motherboard. These systems exhibit this strange tendency to reset to an odd
    "zoomed" video mode after they are rebooted. i.e., the monitor comes up
    displaying the upper 1/4 of the desktop, full screen (giant icons, giant
    text). If I move the mouse to the right or bottom edge of the monitor, the
    windows desktop scrolls around a larger (1024 x 768?) virtual area. I
    cannot see the taskbar however. I reset the video settings to 800x600,
    then again to 1024x768, and the resolution is fine for that session. But if
    I reboot again, the system will come back up in this weird zoomed mode.

    The Intel video driver utility has a zoom applet in it, but I don't see any
    setting anywhere that would make this permanently enabled.

    -- Paul
    Paul, Jan 9, 2008
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