Hance Rapids SATA HostRaid Driver Installation for GA-8KNXP Ultra-64

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Jeff French, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. Jeff French

    Jeff French Guest

    I kept scratching my head over this one. As I have stated, I'm not familiar
    with this Raid (Hance Rapids - 6300ESB SATA Raid) because I don't use it. I
    have my SATA DVDs connected to these connections and use the Silicon Image
    Sil 3114 controller for my SATA hard drives.
    On the motherboard CD in the BootDrv directory are all the floppy installed
    drivers. Click on Menu.exe. This will bring up a 'Command Prompt window'
    with a menu of all the drivers available. Place a formatted floppy disk in
    your floppy drive, at the prompt, enter 'G' (Hance Rapids Raid), and then
    'return'. The Hance Rapids Raid drivers will be loaded onto the floppy disk.
    When finished the Menu will return, simply enter '0', the 'Command Prompt
    window' will disappear. Check your floppy disk and you should find the
    following files and directory:


    'Enable' the 'SATA RAID Function' in the motherboard BIOS. Connect your two
    SATA hard drives to the SATA0_SB and SATA1_SB connections, then install
    WinXP. Use the F6 option early in the installation process and place the
    floppy disk made above to load the Hance Rapids Raid drivers. I think you
    know the rest of the process (about using 'Ctrl S' to bring up the Adaptec
    SATA HostRaid Controller utility to configure your hard drive array).

    I hope you find this information useful.

    Good Luck
    Jeff French, Feb 12, 2005
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  2. Jeff French

    Kelvin Guest

    thanks for ur help jeff. anyhow, here's my situation. i'm aware of those
    steps. i did install windows xp successfully once. however, i recently
    just bought a seagate 400gb drive, i have it hooked up to the hance rapids
    controller (previously thought was the adaptec hostraid controller) and
    windows install. once it's done installing it crashes after awhile. it
    would continue to reboot until i shut the machine off. i found the problem
    and apparently aarich.sys is the cause. anyhow, now i'm using the sil 3114
    controller and things are good again. anyway, thanks for the info jeff.
    cleared up that little mishap. one more question, is it possible to boot
    from a scsi cd-rom and install windows? or do i need to get a dos bootdisk
    and install the u320 dos drivers?
    Kelvin, Feb 12, 2005
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  3. Jeff French

    Jeff French Guest

    I think I ran across what probably happened to your Raid array. Intel had
    upgraded the 6300ESB driver so that it is compatible with both the ICH-5 and
    ICH-6. In doing so, older arrays made with the older 6300ESB driver will not
    work with the newer driver. Could that driver you installed from 'Gateway ?'
    have been the upgraded version? I don't know if migrating back to the
    original driver would have even been an option but I'm willing to bet you
    got caught in the middle. You did the right thing by swinging your SATA
    drives onto the Silicon Image controller. You can also run your ATAPI
    CD/DVD-ROM drives from this controller if you use a Silicon Image chip based
    IDE-SATA converter on the back of the CD/DVD-ROM.
    To answer your question.....
    Yes, you're right, you'll need a floppy disk with SCSI support drivers on
    them for your SCSI CD-ROM. Visit Bootdisk.Com and download a good Win98
    bootdisk, at the bottom of the website you'll find "Modify your custom
    bootdisk to boot from a SCSI CD" follow that link to the next page and
    follow the instructions to include the files within the 'scsiboot.exe' file
    highlighted. I've been using these modified boot floppies for years. Perform
    the F6 option while installing WinXP to load your SCSI controller drivers.
    Make sure you have your SCSI devices configured properly before you start
    and don't forget to check twice all the connections and terminator, this
    particularly true for U320 SCSI.
    My last PC had only SCSI devices and that is why I chose this motherboard to
    migrate some of my SCSI devices (hard drives and tape backup). I've now got
    about all my devices converted to SATA (hard drives, DVD-RW, and DVD-ROM).
    My next project is using a Silicon Image 3124-2 PCI-X board to attach some
    new faster SATA-300 hard drives. My other PCI-X slot is already filled with
    a Firewire-800 card and prior to WinXP SP2 was really working at great
    speeds. Thanks to WinXP SP2 the speed is about halved.
    This board invites the owner to experiment with all the IDE, SATA, SCSI, and
    Raid combinations. It's a shame there isn't better support from Gigabyte.

    Have a Good Day!
    Jeff French, Feb 12, 2005
  4. Jeff French

    Kelvin Guest

    well, i did some more test... here's the scenerio. i have two
    drives...one is the western digital 200gb which i will refer to as the wd
    drive from now on...the other is the seagate 400gb which i'll refer to as
    seagate from now on. i installed xp w/ the wd drive connected to the intel
    sata controller, everything works fine and is stable. when i try to
    install xp w/ the seagate connected to the same controller, same port, using
    the same cd and same sata controller drivers it crashes all the time. now i
    can install the same seagate drive connected to the sil 3114r controller,
    which is stable and fine, but when windows start up and i install the intel
    sata controller driver, it gives me an error. according to the event
    viewer, aarich.sys is the cause of the problem. i've experienced this
    before when trying to run partition magic and it would tell me the
    aarich.sys is causing errors. i've tried different versions of the drivers
    for the adaptec embedded hostraid controllers. none will work. at times
    i'm able to install xp onto the seagate using the intel controller, but once
    it's done installing it either hangs or will not boot at all. now you're
    think, why not just put both drives on the same controllers. well, i'm
    actually looking to get 4 more sata drives... one more 200gb same as the wd,
    and 3 more 400gb same as the seagate. so i need all the controllers to
    work. also, i want to put the windows install on the seagate raid so i need
    the intel driver to work in windows. much appreciated for all your help so
    Kelvin, Feb 12, 2005
  5. Jeff French

    Jeff French Guest

    I suggest you, reinstall the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility
    from the motherboard CD and then the Raid driver from the motherboard CD.
    Follow the following procedures:

    Disable the SATA Raid Function in the BIOS. Install a single hard drive to
    SATA0_SB port. Install WinXP to this single drive using the F6 option and
    the floppy disk having the drivers for the non-Raid drivers (from the
    motherboard CD - floppy build). Once WinXP is finished loading run the
    'Express Install' function on the motherboard CD. This will load all the
    default drivers.

    Now enable the SATA Raid Function in the BIOS. Re-install WinXP using the F6
    option and the floppy disk having the Raid drivers (from the motherboard
    CD - floppy build).

    This should clean-out all the suspect drivers and put your system back on an
    even keel. Don't forget to format your other hard drive when you finally get
    around to connecting it, the Raid partition on it is also suspect.

    This should give a PC with two Raid sets, one on the Intel SATA and the
    other on the Silicon Image SATA.

    Let me know how it works out.

    Jeff French, Feb 13, 2005
  6. Jeff French

    Jeff French Guest

    This is probably a dumb question but you do have more than just the two hard
    drives (wd & seagate). Are you trying to create a Raid set of one hard drive
    each? And finally, are you swapping the hard drives from one Raid controller
    to the other without first deleting the drive from the Raid set and
    formatting the partition?

    Jeff French, Feb 13, 2005
  7. Jeff French

    Kelvin Guest

    no, originally i intended to create a raid of 4xseagate drives and 2xwd
    drives. 2 being on the intel controller and 4 being on the sil 3114. now
    the 400gb will install successfully on the sil 3114 but once it is
    installed, it will not recognize the intel controller once the drivers are
    installed. keeps telling me that aarich.sys is problematic. if i install
    xp on the intel controller using the wd, it will also install w/o problems,
    but if i try installing the seagate on the intel controller, i won't get far
    before xp decides not to boot up. my conclusion is somehow the seagate and
    the intel have incompatiblity issues. also, i'd like to point out i'm
    formating these drives w/ the bios low-level format function. so it's like
    from the factory, no partition. anyway, i'm still running more tests.
    thanks for all your help so far.
    Kelvin, Feb 14, 2005
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